Sports Day.

It is my girls sports day soon and today she told me she didn’t want me to be there.
Not directly of course, she has not quite reached the level of communication where she can just say that.
Instead I asked her if I could come and watch.
She replied ‘No’, and growled.

Whilst 99% of me is jumping for joy that she was able to tell me that, 1% of me is crying.

My girl has never, ever, wanted to take part in a sports day before.
Whilst in mainstream school she avoided all social occasions by being ‘ill’.
I knew she wasn’t physically unwell, but I knew the anxiety of such events was just too much for her.
Maybe it wasn’t the right thing to have kept her home on those days, but I did what was right for my girl.
Now, in a specialist school where she is thriving, she actually wants to take part in ‘torture day’.
‘Torture day’, or sports day to you or I, is something she is not looking forward to, but something she seems keen to partake in.

She is excited to be doing a wheelchair throwing event, as any other physical activity is just too painful on her weak joints.
Running is not an option, but instead of being made to try, she is able to sit out and watch the children who are more able.

I have waited years for my girl to want to take part in school activities.
To even have thought she would ever want to was something I never thought would happen!
This new school is the absolute making of my girl.
Not only is she doing really well, but she has a new found confidence, and bit by bit, her communication is beginning to improve.

I am upset that I won’t get to see her participate, but extremely thankful that I am aware she doesn’t want me to watch.
Whilst I would have loved to have seen it, we have now potentially bypassed the anxiety and meltdown that my prescence may have prompted.

Go my girl! Show them what you are made of!

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