Autism and surfing therapy.

The sand was soft, the sky was clear,
The beach awash with volunteers,
The waves were calling out their names,
As down the path the people came,
Armed with smiles and excited screams,
To do the thing they’d often dreamed,
To feel the sea and ride the waves,
No disability would hold you back today.

The team were equipped for everyone,
Accessible equipment lined up in the sun,
Volunteers catering for every need,
Ready to take you down to the sea,
Cerebra boards, beach wheelchairs galore,
Every ability welcomed at the shore,
The atmosphere was truly amazing,
A very special day of memory making.

A weekend of surfing for people with disabilities,
No charge at all, it was completely free,
Paid in smiles from grateful faces,
Tears of pride, and wet embraces,
The volunteers, the team, everyone there,
Thank you for showing how much you care,
Thanks for a day we will never forget,
Thank you so much to the Wave Project.


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