Biting..and consequences

Biting has always been an issue with my girl.

It seems to come in cycles now as opposed to the everyday bites I used to receive!

They are my girls way of communicating something.

Something that I don’t always understand.

My girls way of gaining the sensory input needed to calm.

I don’t like it one little bit.

Today she tried to bite me.

I pulled my arm away and she caught my wedding ring on her tooth and chipped it.

She was horrified……but then proceeded to bite my other arm.

2 hours later she was still extremely angry that ‘I’ had broken her tooth.

My girl has always had huge tooth anxiety.

She is absolutely petrified that her teeth will go rotten.

She refuses to let a dentist near them in case she says there is something wrong.

My girl checks them throughout the day and obsesses over every little mark on the tooths surface, and becomes utterly convinced that they are rotten.

Nothing you can say or do will convince her otherwise.


…you can imagine the chaos that followed the damage to her tooth.

Infact, the damage was very small and extremely unlikely to need dentist attention thank goodness.

I used the opportunity to try and illustrate the consequence of her actions, and explain to her that if she hadn’t have tried to bite, the damage wouldn’t have happened.

She refused to believe that it was her fault at all.

Given that I received another bite, I don’t think it worked.

I wonder if she understands that actions have consequences, whether she needs that input that biting gives her, or if she has lost control at that point and doesn’t realise she is doing it?

How do I help her understand?

One thought on “Biting..and consequences

  1. Aww biting is a horrible thing to have to deal with. I feel for you. Could you get her something to bite when she feels angry. I know you get those chew buddies for children who like to chew on things but wondering if it might work with biting? Just a suggestion. Xx


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