Emotion help?!

Does any one elses child absolutely refuse to say, or be told they are, any of the emotion words?
We are struggling so much as they come up in everyday sentances and then my girl gets fixated and angry about the word we used.
Tonight it is the ‘t’ word.
A daddy long legs flew at her and she screamed, we said she needn’t be so terrified as it wouldn’t hurt her.
Now she is angrily repeating “I am not the t word” over and over and over.

Every day is a battle.
She is never the ‘w’ word when I flippently say “don’t worry about it”.
She is never the ‘h’ word when I remark that it is nice to see her happy.
She is never the ‘a’ word when I ask what has made her angry.
She refuses to acknowledge is ever any emotion.

I understand the difficulties she faces around feeling, understanding recognising emotions.
I can’t even begin to understand how frustrating it would be.
Every single day I absent mindedly use an emotion word without a second thought and end up causing chaos.
We have tried so many things to help but even the speech and language therapist ran put of ideas to help.

Please tell me we aren’t alone? 😭😭

2 thoughts on “Emotion help?!

  1. We haven’t come upon this particularly. Ben does hate the word “No”. If we identify an emotion, he has to name the opposite. I’m not sure he understands emotions. Maybe happy, sad and angry. He’s very limited verbally so it’s hard to know what he feels or thinks. Most of his talking is just scripting and we’re left to try to translate what it means.

    I try to make everything a yes or no/ this or that question. I’m still left confused more than half the time.



  2. My son says “I don’t want to talk about it” and can look pale, and shy if you try and discuss how he is feeling. Just started “Overcoming your child’s fears and worries” as recommend by a therapist. It may be an anxiety reaction?


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