Autism, NOT bad parenting.

I have never bitten my child……but my child bites me.
I have never hit or kicked my child……but my child does it to me.
I have only said a few swear words in front of my child……but my child knows every single swear word out there.
I have never had a meltdown in public with passerbys stopping to comment and stare……but my child does frequently.
I have never screamed, covered my ears, or ran away when lights are too bright, noises are too much or smells are too intense…..but my child does daily.
I have never taken 3 days to process a simple instruction…..but this is my childs reality.
I have never lost total control of my body and mind due to an emotion I don’t understand…..but my child encounters this day in, day out.

I don’t have Autism…..but my child does.

Now tell me again why you think the reason for my childs’ behaviour is my parenting.

People are too quick to judge.
Too quick to tell you all the things you are bad at.
Too quick to point out all your failings.

Next time you see any behaviour which you deem fit to judge, or comment on, please remember the detrimental effect it will have on the caregiver.
The child may be displaying behviours you deem inappropriate, but they can see you, and hear what you are saying.

A simple smile can brighten up someones day.
An “are you ok?” can go so far in making you feel accepted.
….or just walk past.
Walk away.

Life is hard for carers of children with additional needs, please don’t make it harder.

3 thoughts on “Autism, NOT bad parenting.

  1. I admit that when I was 21 and just had my older daughter, I was very judgmental. Raising two daughters taught me, and Ben has taught me even more!
    When I make my rare outings into public spaces if I see a child very upset I’ll try to smile and say “rough day” or something like that. Or I may walk on past, or I may offer help if it looks like another person would come in handy.
    Even, even, even IF it were bad parenting, who’s business is it? We never know the whole story from a snapshot.

    Dont pay any attention to the Judgey McJudgeypants out there! And quit beating yourself up too. Think about all the positive things you do. Think about your girl in a safe, loving environment with people who support her and a mother that does everything she can to make her life better.
    Big hugs!!💌💌


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