Please Santa…..

Please Santa.?

When all is quiet, and I get time for me,
I will sit and snuggle up under the tree,
I will write to Santa, but not ask for presents,
All I want this year is Autism Acceptance.

I know it is hard for everyone to see,
And you all don’t walk in the same shoes as me,
So instead of me asking Santa for things that I need,
I am going to send a poem for him to read.

A poem to put in everybodys stocking,
To highlight Autism and get people talking,
To ease out the confusion and myths that they know,
To show them the Spectrum, the beautiful rainbow.

It is not a condition that appeared overnight,
But it is a condition that is hidden from sight,
At Christmas I just ask you to understand,
That our Christmas is much different to what you have planned.

Each child is unique, no two children the same,
It isn’t ‘cos they are spoilt, the parents aren’t to blame,
It’s just things get too much, it’s too hard to bare,
I am sending Christmas wishes, just to ask that you care.

Embrace difference everyday, please be accepting,
It is not a miracle that I am expecting,
I know Santa, at Christmas, is a very busy man,
But I am asking him to sprinkle awareness in each stocking if he can.

I am not asking for a car, or any jewellery for me,
I am not asking for my child to like the Christmas tree,
Autism is life for us and we need to increase Awareness,
All I want for Christmas please, is Autism Acceptance.

So Santa, if you are listening, whilst checking your lists,
And making a list of all the good girls and boys who’ll get gifts,
Please unwrap my present and allow me to say,
Embrace difference, see Autism, sprinkle Awareness from your sleigh.

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