Alternative Christmas!

This year I wonder if it would be easier for me,
To load up a world and make a Minecraft Christmas tree,
With glowstone for lights and spiderweb tinsel,
And spawn creepers and villagers with which to mingle.

To make presents with wool blocks in a biome with snow,
To make them all colourful and use redstone for bows,
To form a grotto with Santa and all of his elves,
To make the ‘Naughty and Nice’ book to put on the shelves.

To make her a feast full of her favourite Minecraft treats,
Where she doesn’t have to use cutlery or sit still on a seat,
Where she can eat cake ’til she bursts, there are no crumbs she can drop,
In this Minecraft Christmas world the fun never stops.

There are no clocks for telling her its time to go to bed,
There is no fear of Santa landing over her head,
I will craft her a house made of glass with no roof,
The sleigh can’t land there, she won’t hear the hooves.

I’ll invite all her friends and her favourite youtuber Dan TDM.
I will craft her a disco so she can party with them,
I will put a noteblock in the corner for slow dancey tunes,
I will craft her a jukebox , the cds she can choose.

I will use blocks to make Candycanes to put in her room,
The red and white sweeties meaning it’s Christmas soon,
I will use a dispenser to make her an advent calendar,
To count down to Christmas and track the days for her.

For Christmas out here, in our confusing world,
Is proving to be very difficult for My Girl.
If her world was all Minecraft I am sure we would see,
My Girl start to enjoy Christmas and join in the festivities.

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