A bit about us!

I am a Mum of 2.
We are a 2 parent 2 child family.
1 girl aged 11.
1 boy aged 9.
Myself and my husband.
A Boston Terrier puppy and our 2 cats.

My boy is a ‘typical’ 9 year old.
He lives for his tablet, Minecraft, Terreria and all things electrical!
He loves his rough and tumble, Superheroes,oh, and Lego!

My Girl is 11.
She loves Pokémon and Minecraft…obsessed with them both!

She has:
Sensory Processing Disorder.
Ehler Danlos Syndrome Type 3.
Cortical Visual Impairment.
Global Development Delay.
Sleep Difficulties.

She is in constant pain, dislocates her joints frequently, and requires a wheelchair for distance.

You wouldn’t realise there is much wrong with her, she is a very energetic, vocal and smily girl just trying to be like everyone else.

I am Emma, her Mum.
A bit tired, but blogging my way through the days sharing our experiences, with a few poems thrown in here and there.

Always here if anyone needs a question answering, or just a chat when things are hard. ☺

I also have a page on facebook. ‘Our Autism’ A community Blog.




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