Argh…..!!! You know when you feel so angry that you need to shout, to scream!? School. Education. The system. I have had enough. I am not the professional. I have not had the training to be qualified. So how is it I can do their jobs better than them? How is it it that I…… Continue reading Angry.

She has a name.

She is the same, She has a name, It is not Autism, She has that condition. It doesn’t define her, It does explain her, She still can play, In a different way, She still wants friends, With time she can spend, She wants invites to birthdays, She won’t ruin your day, She may seem a…… Continue reading She has a name.


One of the hardest things about being a parent is seeing your child ill. What if seeing it was as much information as you got because your child couldn’t communicate it to you? Harder, because you don’t know how to help. “Oh, aren’t they brave?” “They didn’t make a fuss”, “They never mentioned they felt…… Continue reading Illness.

9 years.

9 years of sleepless nights 9 years of learning to see the world from a different perspective. 9 years of parent classes. 9 years of endless hospital appointments. 9 years of comments, pointing and staring. 9 years of very little time together. 9 years of meltdowns. 9 years of hurt, despair and helplessness. 9 years…… Continue reading 9 years.

Be thankful.

Whether it has been good, whether it has been bad, Sit down and reflect on the day that you’ve had, Think of the good things, the giggles, the sun, Don’t dwell on the bad things, that day has been done. Just sit in the quiet and think what you’ve got, Be grateful for everything, be…… Continue reading Be thankful.

Introducing Domino.

So it seems we have found our little Dog! We have chosen a Boston Terrier and she is called Domino. She will come home on September 10th. Such a huge decision to make for any family, but for an Autism family it is possibly the most risky! So many ifs and buts, so many things…… Continue reading Introducing Domino.