They and New beginnings.

As we begin our final week of the school year I came across this poem I wrote and I was reminded how hard we fought, and how very lucky we are, that my girl will be starting a school tailored for her needs in September. They. They try to make her normal, They try to…… Continue reading They and New beginnings.

Inclusion, disabilty, Autism and beaches.

Dear Par Beach, There are lots of little joys in life that we take for granted. Things we do each day without even thinking about it. Things that some people are physically unable to do. Take going to the beach for example; Walking barefoot over warm, silky sand. Following the tide as it ebbs and…… Continue reading Inclusion, disabilty, Autism and beaches.

Autism….a poem.

It must be Autism; When they are running around flapping, And you hear incessant foot tapping, When the behaviour looks out of place, And the look of disgust on everyones face. It must be Autism; When people never listen, When your head hurts because you’re so tired, And at 2am your child is still wired,…… Continue reading Autism….a poem.

May Day. Inclusion.

Inclusion. One of those things I have always struggled with at school. Inclusion is the term used to describe the right to access mainstream education where possible. I struggle with it because I don’t always think it is in the best interest of the child. Within a day to day situation inclusion doesn’t just mean…… Continue reading May Day. Inclusion.

What Autism parents….

What I wish people would understand about being an autism parent. Autism parents are still parents and need the same help and support as any other parent. Since we got my girls diagnosis so much has changed. People just stopped being our friends. Much of it, I know, is because we eat, sleep, breath and…… Continue reading What Autism parents….

Get well soon Dad. Unexpected change.

What happens when a very unexpected change is thrown into our routine? What happens if within seconds we have to change our plans for the day? What happens if a loved one becomes ill and has to go to hospital in ambulance? …..this was our weekend. My girl has always been highly anxious. This results…… Continue reading Get well soon Dad. Unexpected change.

Autism Awareness Week.

This week is Autism Awareness week….. ……this is something I never thought I would have to write about. When I fell pregnant with my first child I was so scared that something would be wrong with my baby. For the first 12 weeks I did repeated pregnancy tests to make sure I was still pregnant.…… Continue reading Autism Awareness Week.