Unfeeling robot?

She’s not unfeeling. She’s not a robot. She doesn’t have a heart made of stone…. …. But, She doesn’t feel what I feel. Does she? I feel everything deep in my heart. Perhaps she just feels it differently. When I am excited I feel my heart skip a beat. When my girl is exciting she…… Continue reading Unfeeling robot?

Our little dog.

Our little puppy has changed our lives. I had heard stories about how dogs can help children with Autism. I was tempted but never brave enough to have one. My girl has that type of Autism that no one likes to talk about. The violent type. I didn’t want to get a puppy and then…… Continue reading Our little dog.

The reality?

What is the reality of life with Autism? What would I write if someone asked me that? Some days I just wouldn’t know how to put it into words. The reality is hard to write about. Hard because truth hurts. The truth is, that it is hard. Hard to look after your own child? Harder…… Continue reading The reality?

Tomorrow is a new day.

Some days I just dont know what to write. The day has been so hard and I don’t know how to justify the behaviours. Then I think about Autism and realise the very nature of it is, its unpredictability. That doesn’t make it any easier. No matter how far I delve into the whats and…… Continue reading Tomorrow is a new day.

Autism and the need for control.

Why do I let her control me? A question I have been asked so many times. It’s not that I do….as such. I try so, so hard for her not to control us. But she does. She needs to be in control. The need for control comes when anxiety is high. The need for control…… Continue reading Autism and the need for control.

May Day. Inclusion.

Inclusion. One of those things I have always struggled with at school. Inclusion is the term used to describe the right to access mainstream education where possible. I struggle with it because I don’t always think it is in the best interest of the child. Within a day to day situation inclusion doesn’t just mean…… Continue reading May Day. Inclusion.