Bedtime stories.

My girl is almost 12 and every single night, I read her a bedtime story. Then I sit in her room as she falls asleep. Recently I have been worrying that she is too old for it. Recently I have thought maybe I should encourage a more independant bedtime routine. …..recently I have been comparing…… Continue reading Bedtime stories.

Minecraft and Pokemon and Christmas!

Minecraft…….and Pok√©mon! This year I wonder if it would be easier for me, To load up a world and make a Minecraft Christmas tree, With glowstone for lights and spiderweb tinsel, And spawn creepers and villagers with which to mingle. To make presents with wool blocks in a biome with snow, To make them all…… Continue reading Minecraft and Pokemon and Christmas!

Remember, remember, Autisms hard in December

Our Autism decorated our house for Christmas today. A tree and a few decorations have landed in our front room…..intruded. Lights are hung in the window where my girl can’t see them. Our house. My girls safe place. Since having a child with Autism I have really appreciated the basics of Christmas. I have learnt…… Continue reading Remember, remember, Autisms hard in December

The christmassy woods. A Christmas Autism awareness story.

The Christmassy Woods. An elf took a stroll through a Christmassy wood, The elf saw a child and stopped where it stood, “What are you doing here, you shouldn’t be alone, Here hold my hand and I’ll take you home,” “No I am here with my friend and he’s called William, But I think he…… Continue reading The christmassy woods. A Christmas Autism awareness story.


I want to reach in and pull it out. Every. Last. Bit. I want it to stop. I want it to leave my child alone. I want it to stop stealing the happiness. I want it gone. All of it. Why is it taking over? Why can’t I make it stop? I don’t want to…… Continue reading ‘It’.

No to the Elf on the shelf.

Why I don’t do Elf on the Shelf. Tomorrow is the big day. I know for many families this is tradition. I know many families have a lot of fun and joy in doing it, but for us, it’s not to be. Imagine this. My girl at home. A place where she feels safe, a…… Continue reading No to the Elf on the shelf.