The birthday boy.

It can’t be easy being the sibling of a child with Autism. My boy goes through so much more than anyone could ever imagine. But somehow he manages to still be the rock for my girl, he is her support, her role model. My girl makes my boy’s life difficult, there is no sugar coating…… Continue reading The birthday boy.

My hero.

Our Young Carer. When I wake him he can’t believe its morning, He greets me with a stretch, still yawning, Blinking as his eyes adjust to the day light, Tired as his sister kept him awake all night, Climbing out of bed, grabbing his clothes, Creeping down the stairs on his tip toes, Trying to…… Continue reading My hero.


Strength. Something you need in abundance being a carer for a child with Autism. Not just physical strength but emotional strength. Strength to change. To change yourself. To stop accepting what is. To stop doing things you do, because your child cannot cope with change. Strength to change things. To adapt your life, to move…… Continue reading Strength.

Dark Christmas.

I know you are going to say she can’t help it. I know you will say it is Autism, it is because of Christmas… ….and I know you are right… But it feels personal. It feels like she knows what she is doing.. The anger, the violence, the hurtful words.. ….it is all directed at…… Continue reading Dark Christmas.

I have a son.

I have a son. He is almost 10, and he is amazing. He is kind hearted, understanding and the most patient person I know. I have a son….. ….but not many people know that. You see, I have two children, but I only ever seem to talk about one of them. One of them takes…… Continue reading I have a son.

I cried.

The floodgates opened. I cried. And once I started I couldn’t stop. Tears rolling down my cheeks like stormy waves crashing on the shore. Big, ugly, sobbing tears. I haven’t cried for a long time. I can’t even remember when the last time was. I have needed to so many times, but I have pushed…… Continue reading I cried.

My little rainbow. 🌈

My little rainbow. Because I made you, I thought I’d know just what to do, That I would understand you, That love would get us through. Because you grew in me, I thought I would know everything, I didn’t know what life would bring, But I didn’t know anything. Because I didn’t understand, Life wasn’t…… Continue reading My little rainbow. 🌈