Summer holidays.

Summer is here, the school holidays have arrived, 47 days off, lots of time to unwind, Relief from the stress of the morning school run, Dealing with anxiety everyday is not fun. 47 days of my children at home with each other, I am hoping and praying my girls nice to her brother, Plenty of…… Continue reading Summer holidays.

They and New beginnings.

As we begin our final week of the school year I came across this poem I wrote and I was reminded how hard we fought, and how very lucky we are, that my girl will be starting a school tailored for her needs in September. They. They try to make her normal, They try to…… Continue reading They and New beginnings.

Autism and the heatwave.

Many people with Autism have difficulties processing sensory information. They have difficulties processing the information correctly. The information gets lost, or diverted the wrong way, causing problems with sensitivity. It can change, and fluctuate, between being over sensitive, under sensitive, or both at the same time. When a person struggles to process sensory information, they…… Continue reading Autism and the heatwave.

Our little dog.

Our little puppy has changed our lives. I had heard stories about how dogs can help children with Autism. I was tempted but never brave enough to have one. My girl has that type of Autism that no one likes to talk about. The violent type. I didn’t want to get a puppy and then…… Continue reading Our little dog.

The reality?

What is the reality of life with Autism? What would I write if someone asked me that? Some days I just wouldn’t know how to put it into words. The reality is hard to write about. Hard because truth hurts. The truth is, that it is hard. Hard to look after your own child? Harder…… Continue reading The reality?

Tomorrow is a new day.

Some days I just dont know what to write. The day has been so hard and I don’t know how to justify the behaviours. Then I think about Autism and realise the very nature of it is, its unpredictability. That doesn’t make it any easier. No matter how far I delve into the whats and…… Continue reading Tomorrow is a new day.

What Autism parents….

What I wish people would understand about being an autism parent. Autism parents are still parents and need the same help and support as any other parent. Since we got my girls diagnosis so much has changed. People just stopped being our friends. Much of it, I know, is because we eat, sleep, breath and…… Continue reading What Autism parents….