The lonely little fish.

A poem/story promoting Autism Awareness. The lonely little fish. I am a lonely little fish, swimming in the sea, All on my own, no one notices me. My colours are not sparkling, my scales are dull, I swim by myself, but the ocean is full. I want to make some friends, I just don’t know…… Continue reading The lonely little fish.

Stop saying that about Autism.

Two things annoy me. Well not annoy me, hurt me. 1) When people describe Autism as a label to cover up a childs’ bad behaviour. 2) When people tell others that thier child has Autism without first having a diagnosis. Both are demeaning and hurtful to those that have been through the diagnostic procedure. Autism…… Continue reading Stop saying that about Autism.

Support Groups, a poem.

Support Groups. When what’s holding you together is paper and string, When you’re stretched to the limit, your patience worn thin, When you’re asking and asking for things to be done, When your crying out for help and still getting none, When you’ve had a bad day and have nowhere to turn, When behaviours are…… Continue reading Support Groups, a poem.

“Orange Autism.”

We all develop little tricks to help with our childrens anxiety. We all gave our own little coping stratedgies to try. We tried one with my girl for when we went out in the car. It worked really well……..until it turned into an obsession. Autism one, parenting fail. When I was younger we used to…… Continue reading “Orange Autism.”

Not so wise words….

Not so wise words. Autism is not because I’m a bad Mum, “That Kid” doesn’t need “a smack on the bum”, That child is not being a “brat”, I’m not just letting them “be like that”, Autism isn’t just “bad behaviour”, Your ‘helpful’ comments aren’t doing me a favour, They won’t be cured from “a…… Continue reading Not so wise words….

“These children”

“These children.” “School get more money for taking these children.” ….The things you over hear. “These children”…. My girl is one of those children. Two families sat chatting in a drs waiting room, loudly I might add, about a disruptive child in school. A child who was shouting and making the teacher cross. A child…… Continue reading “These children”

Challenging. Autisms favourite!

Challenging. That is the word of the day. My day. Challenging. Every, single little thing has been a challenge. My girl is super anxious and teetering on the edge of a meltdown but I cannot work out why. Maybe because she has been ill? Maybe because I am ill? Maybe because school is back on?…… Continue reading Challenging. Autisms favourite!