Should I change?

Sometimes I wonder what I am doing. I lay myself bare, I lay my girl bare. I don’t hold back, I say it as it is. Am I doing the wrong thing? I do it for a reason. I want people to see how it really is. Not just all the positives, but the frightenong…… Continue reading Should I change?

Heavy heart.

In a world full of sadness I lead with a heavy heart. A head full of ‘what ifs’ and ‘whens’. Tv, radio, social media full of stories of innocent people losing their lives. It is heart breaking. It physically hurts my heart. My girl came home from school to see a dead Blackbird in our…… Continue reading Heavy heart.

Pressure. Social media.

So this is how it goes: School holidays + social media = hundreds of pictures of families days out. Social media + Our Autism Mum = guilt for staying in. Guilt + more guilt = day out. Day out + Autism = failure. Repeat. Again and again. Every school holiday. When will I learn? I…… Continue reading Pressure. Social media.

World Book Day.

Happy World Book Day! It is World Book Day……happy is a term I use loosely. For over a week we had been preparing my girl for this day. She finds any change to routine difficult, imagine the anxiety of everyone dressing up as a character and not being able to tell who they are! My…… Continue reading World Book Day.

Back to school tomorrow.

Back to school tomorrow, and gosh, don’t I know it. I don’t think people fully understand the difficulties people with Autism face surrounding change. Unless you have been there to experience it yourself, it is incredibly diificult to describe. Imagine this: Every single day the person you trust the most, forces you to go the…… Continue reading Back to school tomorrow.


To whom it may concern, The fight. Will it ever end? Why do we have to fight for everything? Why does it take so long? It is draining, frustrating, relentless. But we don’t stop fighting. We can’t. We won’t. Special needs parenting is a whole different lifestyle. We haven’t chosen this lifestyle. We didn’t ask…… Continue reading Fight!