A constant battle.

Half term has been hard work. I want school to be back. I haven’t missed the morning battles to get her to school. I don’t want her to go back. She seems more settled in the holidays. But she needs the routine. I need the break. She is shouting already because she doesnt want to…… Continue reading A constant battle.

Autism Awareness Week. Hidden disability.

Why is it so difficult to understand Autism? Is it because it is hidden? I wonder if Autism had a ‘look’ people would be more willing to learn and accept. Some disabilities are more obvious than others. No one questions someone if they are in a wheelchair, or using crutches. People with invisible disabilities face…… Continue reading Autism Awareness Week. Hidden disability.

Autism Awareness Week.

This week is Autism Awareness week….. ……this is something I never thought I would have to write about. When I fell pregnant with my first child I was so scared that something would be wrong with my baby. For the first 12 weeks I did repeated pregnancy tests to make sure I was still pregnant.…… Continue reading Autism Awareness Week.

World Down Syndrome Day.

Along our special needs journey we have met lots of new friends. Lots of amazing children all growing up with different diagnoses. All following different paths. We have learnt a great deal about so many challenges faced by children and carers. We have learnt that awareness is needed, not only for Autism, but for the…… Continue reading World Down Syndrome Day.

Dear Tooth Fairy.

Dear Tooth Fairy, It is with no sadness or regret that tonight we bid you farewell. My girl has lost her very last baby tooth! Usually milestones like this would make me feel emotional, but tonight I am going to have a glass of wine in celebration! It is nothing personal tooth fairy, we have…… Continue reading Dear Tooth Fairy.

New school!

I have spent years asking for it. Years fighting for it. Years justifying every single reason that she needed it…. ….so why, when she finally gets it, do I feel a little sad? I know the answer. The result is bittersweet. The result is confirmation. Confirmation of what I already knew. Confirmation of the diagnosis…… Continue reading New school!

Autism, being different is a good thing.

Today was superhero day at school. The children had worked hard to design their own superhero, and today they were able to dress up and become them for a day. This worried my girl greatly. (She hates superheros and tends to favour the more naughty characters!) She had said she wasn’t going to go in…… Continue reading Autism, being different is a good thing.