Best Christmas.

We made it through Christmas! Actually, Christmas Day was the best we have had in a very long time. I made some subtle changes this year but they made a very big difference! Christmas decorations were kept to a minimum. Presents were only things she had asked for. (Ssshh but there were alot less presents!)…… Continue reading Best Christmas.

Our Autism version. The night before Christmas.

‘Our Autisms’ night before Christmas. T’was the night before Christmas and all through the house, Every creature was stirring, even the mouse. The stockings weren’t hung on the fireplace with care, They were pulled off in a rage and thrown onto the chair, My boy was all snuggled up in his bed, Whilst my girl…… Continue reading Our Autism version. The night before Christmas.

Christmas Visitors.

Dear Visitors at Christmas, Dont be suprised if my house is a mess, The floor is all dirty, children not dressed I can’t do the hoovering, it is too loud, There’s already too much noise around, We don’t sing the carols or turn on the lights, We have to do, what for us, feels right.…… Continue reading Christmas Visitors.

Please Santa……

Please Santa? When all is quiet, and I get time for me, I will sit and snuggle up under the tree, I will write to Santa, but not ask for presents, All I want this year is Autism Acceptance. I know it is hard for everyone to see, And you all don’t walk in the…… Continue reading Please Santa……

Minecraft and Pokemon and Christmas!

Minecraft…….and Pok√©mon! This year I wonder if it would be easier for me, To load up a world and make a Minecraft Christmas tree, With glowstone for lights and spiderweb tinsel, And spawn creepers and villagers with which to mingle. To make presents with wool blocks in a biome with snow, To make them all…… Continue reading Minecraft and Pokemon and Christmas!

Remember, remember, Autisms hard in December

Our Autism decorated our house for Christmas today. A tree and a few decorations have landed in our front room…..intruded. Lights are hung in the window where my girl can’t see them. Our house. My girls safe place. Since having a child with Autism I have really appreciated the basics of Christmas. I have learnt…… Continue reading Remember, remember, Autisms hard in December

The christmassy woods. A Christmas Autism awareness story.

The Christmassy Woods. An elf took a stroll through a Christmassy wood, The elf saw a child and stopped where it stood, “What are you doing here, you shouldn’t be alone, Here hold my hand and I’ll take you home,” “No I am here with my friend and he’s called William, But I think he…… Continue reading The christmassy woods. A Christmas Autism awareness story.