What about us? Anti Bullying week. 2018.

What about us? Alone. Footsteps echoing in the emptiness. Why am I made to feel like this? Crowds of people stop and stare. All alone and no one cares. What about us? Scared. Hiding behind invisible walls. Why should I have to hear this at all? Shouting, taunting, called rude names, Quiet whilst people play…… Continue reading What about us? Anti Bullying week. 2018.

Online gaming. Fitting in.

She wants to fit it. She wants to play and join in with everyone else…. ….except what she does is not play, or join in. She wants to be the boss, make the rules. She wants to be in control. She wonders why her brother and his online gamer friends won’t play with her anymore.…… Continue reading Online gaming. Fitting in.

The price we pay.

Last night was lovely. We were invited to stay in a hotel with a group of parents who all have children with additional needs. Me and my husband were able to go away for the night…child free! But, like with most things Autism, it came with a price. We haven’t been away together for a…… Continue reading The price we pay.

Trick or treat?

Happy Halloween from Our Autism! 🎃 My girl has been counting down the days until trick or treat day! She is always so excited about Halloween! Every year it takes me by complete surprise as I have never really been fond of celebrating it so I don’t make a fuss. I am one of those…… Continue reading Trick or treat?

Out of hiding.

There are times you can forget that my girl has Autism…. ….then there are days like today when there is absolutely no doubt that she is on the spectrum. Today was the first day back to school after the half term break. Change in routine. Transition from home to school, from school to home. Unable…… Continue reading Out of hiding.


One of the most frightening places to end up with your child is A&E. Not only scary because your child needs emergency medical attention, but because of the huge change in routine… …visits to A&E are never planned. They are always full of people. Noisy, bright, busy. Waiting, waiting. So much waiting. A nightmare for…… Continue reading Emergency.