Autism and dogs.

I must admit that I was extremely worried about getting a dog when my girl is so volatile.I was worried that her violence may frighten it, or that my girl may harm the dog.But, in hindsight, I needn’t have worried.The dog was one of the best things we have ever done, not just for my…… Continue reading Autism and dogs.


I have never felt so alone. I am trapped in this dark box. Controlled by the strings. Strings held by someone else. I can’t do anything without permission. I can’t move, I can only be moved. My mood is as dark as the box. Imprisoned by sadness and despair. I can’t see a way out.…… Continue reading Puppet.

One of those days.

I don’t even know how to start writing about today. It has been one of the ones I want to write about, but am too frightened to say the words. Not frightened because of anything other than being judged. Being judged because people don’t understand. Autism. That thing that most people have heard of, but…… Continue reading One of those days.

Our Normal.

When my husband arrived home from work this evening, he asked how our day had been. I told him how it had been lovely and calm, and that I think we were now settling into lockdown. Perhaps the lockdown has become our new ‘normal’…. ….but then I realised that this has always been our normal.…… Continue reading Our Normal.


So the day starts with a screaming, angry girl. Why? Because a label came off a teddy, who knows how long ago. Said label was somewhere in her bedroom, now it has gone. It is all my fault as I must have binned it and not told her. I am not allowed to touch anything…… Continue reading Lost.

Our world/her world.

I am finding it really hard to stay positive. Everyday we wake up to the news of new infections, lots more people dying. I don’t want to get out of bed. I want to stay there, and hide, until it is all over… …but I am a Mum, and that just isn’t possible. Trying to…… Continue reading Our world/her world.


This is hard. The thing I am finding difficult is social media. Not for the obvious scaremongering and articles that are raising my anxiety further. Not even the facts and figures about this horrible virus. No. What I am finding difficult are seeing the photos of everybody elses childrens’ homeschooling journeys. It is making me…… Continue reading Struggling.