Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

I was talking to a family member today about how hard Saturday was. His reply? “Why didn’t you ring and ask me to come over?” Why didn’t I? Before I had even had chance to think, “because it is embarassing” came out of my mouth… …because it is. Isn’t it? I am a mother of…… Continue reading Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

This was a hard day.

I want to write about all the good stuff. I want to tell you what makes Autism amazing. I want to tell you all the positive things that will make you keep reading… …but I can’t. Not today anyway. Today has been horrendous. There have been near constant meltdowns. I haven’t been able to stop…… Continue reading This was a hard day.

School tomorrow…

T’was the night before school in Our Autism house, Anxiety was affecting everyone, even my girls toy mouse, She’s in a bit of a state, but she does want to go, This school thing is scary, this is all I know; The school clothes are too itchy, she doesn’t want to do her hair, She…… Continue reading School tomorrow…

Live for today.

Some days I look at my girl and wonder what her future holds. I think about whether she will be able to live independently. If she will marry, have a family. If her health problems will allow her to live her life as she wants to. Whether she will need her wheelchair forever. I wonder…… Continue reading Live for today.

The Darkness.

“I want to die”. Imagine hearing your child say that. Imagine seeing your child trying to climb out of a window. Imagine them screaming and begging us to let them fall. Imagine them shouting, over and over, sobbing….begging…to let them die. Imagine all this happening when your child has limited understanding of what dying means.…… Continue reading The Darkness.

Queen of the world!

…..she likes to think so!! All day she has worn this crown she made this morning. People have sniggered and commented but it still remains on her head! Not one single person acknowledged her effort in communication. She made it after a meltdown. She made it when she lost control. She made it to tell…… Continue reading Queen of the world!

Listen to me!

I am not sure how we can raise Autism Awareness…. ….or acceptance. Or even belief. I think we have all had ‘that look’ when we have told someone that our child has Autism. That look of disregard. I am the expert in my childs’ Autism. I am not an expert in Autism. But… …when I…… Continue reading Listen to me!