Shopping funnies!

You know when you go shopping and someone stands chatting in an aisle and you can’t get passed? When you want to shout “Move,” but instead you politely say “Excuse me,”? ……my girl doesn’t do that. You know when someone walks past in a t shirt full of holes and you want to tell them…… Continue reading Shopping funnies!

Time to think.

“It has been nice to have respite” A comment made by my girl who has been home from school this week, ill. An innocent comment referring to the fact that we were having one on one time. A comment that stopped me in my tracks. Respite. We are fortunate to have been granted hours by…… Continue reading Time to think.


I am a prisoner. Being held hostage by Autism; by anxiety. Enclosed in a house with no way out, locked windows and doors. Curtains drawn to avoid the bright sunlight and the shadows of the unknown. Dressed in a uniform dictated by my captor; by sensory processing problems. Clothes that are soft and loose. Not…… Continue reading Prisoner.

That creep , exhaustion.

I sit here on day 27 of the school holidays enveloped in exhaustion. A consuming, greedy, parasite creeping slowly as the days go on. It hasn’t been awful. It has (mostly) been calm… ….but that is what is exhausting. I have worked so hard to make it this way…. keep it this way. My…… Continue reading That creep , exhaustion.


My boy is eight. He is sensible and aware. If we go out and I ask him to wait somewhere, stay with me and not talk to strangers, he can do it. It is what we have taught him and it is in his second nature to do now. If we go out and I…… Continue reading Independance.

Thank you The Paulos Circus.

Today we did something, as a family, that we never thought we’d be able to do! We went to the circus! The circus? I know, you must think I am crazy! The crowds, the dark, the bright lights, the flashes, the loud noises…. It is a place that people with sensory processing difficulties fear. We…… Continue reading Thank you The Paulos Circus.

The artist.

Our favourite night of the month arrived! The night of ‘The Group’ We love The Group, and cannot sing their praises enough. It is a get together session for children with disabilities and their siblings, run by volunteers and funded by donations. Every month there is a different activity and we also meet up out…… Continue reading The artist.