This was a hard day.

I want to write about all the good stuff. I want to tell you what makes Autism amazing. I want to tell you all the positive things that will make you keep reading… …but I can’t. Not today anyway. Today has been horrendous. There have been near constant meltdowns. I haven’t been able to stop…… Continue reading This was a hard day.

The broken system.

At 14 years old, my friends son got his diagnosis of Autism today. 14 years old. This boy has been through his whole primary school life without a diagnosis. He has struggled so much, and been let down by so many. His parents have fought for so long to get the diagnosis that they knew…… Continue reading The broken system.

I just want to be a Mum.

If I knew then, what I knew now, Would that make me a better Mum somehow? If I knew the diagnosis, before she was born, If I could have, possibly, been warned. Not warned of the Autism, but of all the fights, Just to get access to her basic rights, An appointment, a specialist, the…… Continue reading I just want to be a Mum.

Autism Mums.

Autism Mums; a poem. When it is quiet and I get a moment alone, I think of my girl, how much she has grown, How far she has come in a short space of time, In the darkest of days, she is my sunshine. The visions I had when she was first diagnosed, How I…… Continue reading Autism Mums.

Autism and the other 699,999.

Did you know that there are around 700,000 people on the Autism Spectrum in the UK? That is more than 1 in 100….. ….yet I still find myself having to justify my childs differences in public. My child is 1 person with Autism. That leaves 699,999 other people, and/or their carers, having to do the…… Continue reading Autism and the other 699,999.

What a week.

Some days….weeks….are a struggle. Sometimes we spend our whole time trying. We spend all of our time thinking of, and making plans, to make things work. We spend each and every moment trying to make the world easier for our children…. It fails. When attempts at communication get ignored. When a clear sentance is spoken.…… Continue reading What a week.


I was casually chatting to the cashier today as she was scanning my shopping. She asked me what I was up to today. I told her that Monday is mostly cleaning up after the weekend. She asked if we’d had guests, I told her no, we just have children! I explained that we don’t tend…… Continue reading Invisible?