Disabled. Is that a word to be ashamed of? Is that a word we should be avoiding when describing our children? Children with Autism. I don’t think so. Autism is a disability and therefore if you have Autism you are disabled. Why though, is it ok for someone to question the word disabled? Why is…… Continue reading Disabled.

Don’t be afraid to be you.

My favourite part of Autism is that my girl does not try to be like everyone else. She doesn’t like boy bands just because her friends do. She doesn’t take pouting selfies, like her friends do. She doesn’t pretend to be something she is not. She is comfortable in her own skin. I don’t think…… Continue reading Don’t be afraid to be you.


My head is so full of stuff. Stuff to do. Stuff to think about. Stuff I am worried about. Stuff I don’t need to think about. It is full. To bursting point. My head aches. Physical pain from storing stuff. The stuff all parents store, but then the extras having a child with additional needs…… Continue reading Stuff.

Super powers.

“If I had a super power I would put my hands in my head and pull out the words like bricks and throw them at people or fire them out like a nerf gun.” This was my girls response when I asked her what super power she could choose. Expecting her to say invisibility, flying,…… Continue reading Super powers.

A hidden disability.

Do I look different? What does Autism look like? It has two eyes and a nose. What else can you see, It has ten fingers and toes. Has it got any legs? Yes, two ankles and two knees, Is it green and hairy? No it looks like you and me. It must look a bit…… Continue reading A hidden disability.


Cycles. Everything about Autism has cycles. Behaviour is one of the most affected. Behaviours….. We have had a cycle of good behaviour, of reduced behaviours Less biting, less violence, less spitting on hands, less licking. Today it came back, just when I thought everything was better. I know better than that, I know Autism goes…… Continue reading Cycles?