The tornado of negative feelings that has carried me through this week has finally let me go. Reality got me out of there. Remembering that it is not all bad, seeing that it is not all bad. My girl, the positivity I needed to exit the constant spin of feeling a failure. As the whirlwind…… Continue reading Saved!


I am not asking people to write me an essay on Autism. I am not asking that they spend their evenings researching the condition. I don’t expect them to understand something I will never fully understand myself. I am just asking one thing…. ….please listen to me. I know my child more than anyone else…… Continue reading Listen.

Out of the ordinary?

If anyone had been watching as we entered the café at lunch, they wouldn’t have noticed anything out of the ordinary; Not about me, the sibling or the Grandfather who was accompanying us for lunch. Today the café was bustling with people; leftovers waiting to be cleared on empty tables. No one paid any attention…… Continue reading Out of the ordinary?

Disabled parking.

Misuse of disabled parking spaces, something we encounter daily. It is one of the most frustrating things we have to cope with. We park there not because we are lazy, not because it is easier to park in a bigger space, not because it is closer to the cashpoint……because we actually need it! And also…… Continue reading Disabled parking.