Who is she?

Autism Myth: people with Autism lack imagination and the ability to play. Autism Fact: People with Autism typically possess vivid, creative and unique imaginations. “Here, in this small, enclosed space, my girl will take you to the last wilderness and show you the planet and its’ wildlife as you have never seen it before.” Have…… Continue reading Who is she?

Who has the disability?

Hidden disabilities. Are they? I mean, once we understand the disability, is it really hidden? I could probably pick out a child on the spectrum because I know……I understand. To the public yes it is hidden. Not the disability. The diagnosis. The understanding of the diagnosis. Not so much hidden, but misunderstood. My girl doesn’t…… Continue reading Who has the disability?

I have a son.

I have a son. He is almost 10, and he is amazing. He is kind hearted, understanding and the most patient person I know. I have a son….. ….but not many people know that. You see, I have two children, but I only ever seem to talk about one of them. One of them takes…… Continue reading I have a son.

The spectrum. A poem.

The Spectrum. No two people with Autism are the same, It is a spectrum of symptoms all under one name. Whilst all people share the same difficulties they face, The way it affects them is different in each case. Some people can talk, whilst some make no sounds, Whilst in a few people a healthy…… Continue reading The spectrum. A poem.

What about us? Anti Bullying week. 2018.

What about us? Alone. Footsteps echoing in the emptiness. Why am I made to feel like this? Crowds of people stop and stare. All alone and no one cares. What about us? Scared. Hiding behind invisible walls. Why should I have to hear this at all? Shouting, taunting, called rude names, Quiet whilst people play…… Continue reading What about us? Anti Bullying week. 2018.


I take so much for granted.We all do.Simple things like we have a house to live in, heating to keep us warm.We have clothes to wear, facilities to wash them.We have air to breathe, light to see, people that love us for who we are.And yet……I feel ungrateful, trapped.We are never entirely happy with what…… Continue reading Trapped?


One of the most frightening places to end up with your child is A&E. Not only scary because your child needs emergency medical attention, but because of the huge change in routine… …visits to A&E are never planned. They are always full of people. Noisy, bright, busy. Waiting, waiting. So much waiting. A nightmare for…… Continue reading Emergency.