Keep it simple.

School has finished for the holidays but I don’t feel one bit Christmassy. These past few weeks have been so busy that time has just flown. My poor husband being poorly, and then my girl falling badly and dislocating her kneecap, has meant that all my attention has been focused on them. Poor Christmas has…… Continue reading Keep it simple.


One of the hardest things about being a parent is seeing your child ill. What if seeing it was as much information as you got because your child couldn’t communicate it to you? Harder, because you don’t know how to help. “Oh, aren’t they brave?” “They didn’t make a fuss”, “They never mentioned they felt…… Continue reading Illness.

Does our puppy hold the key?

Our puppy has opened up a part of my girl I have never seen. Does she have the key to Autisms secrets? Weighing only a tiny 1.3kg, and at the length of my hand, she has made a massive impact on our lives already. She has filled a hole we didn’t know we had. She…… Continue reading Does our puppy hold the key?

Year 6?!

Like a boomerang, the stress of school has returned. Only yesterday I was saying how hard the holidays were, but in truth term times are not any better…. …or perhaps it just seems that way as term time I at least get an hour for a hot cup of tea! A letter landed on my…… Continue reading Year 6?!

To whom it may concern.

To whom it may concern, 6 weeks school holidays…..what were you thinking? I am writing this at my wits end. I have had a very bad day and I feel that most of it is your fault. Please, ‘maker of the 6 week rule’, explain your reasons to me. You obviously do not have children.…… Continue reading To whom it may concern.

Introducing Domino.

So it seems we have found our little Dog! We have chosen a Boston Terrier and she is called Domino. She will come home on September 10th. Such a huge decision to make for any family, but for an Autism family it is possibly the most risky! So many ifs and buts, so many things…… Continue reading Introducing Domino.