Fighting for what we NEED.

To whom it may concern, The fight. Will it ever end? Why do we have to fight for everything? Why does it take so long? It is draining, frustrating, relentless. But we don’t stop fighting. We can’t. We won’t. Special needs parenting is a whole different lifestyle. We haven’t chosen this lifestyle. We didn’t ask…… Continue reading Fighting for what we NEED.

Good night.

I hold her close, Up to my nose, Breathe her in, Feel her warmth on my skin, Hug her tight, Kiss her goodnight, Let the stress of the day, Float away, Read her a story, Whisper I’m sorry, For being demanding, For not understanding, Stroke her head, Settle her in bed, Tell her I love…… Continue reading Good night.

I love you.

Just a little baby, snuggled cosy on my chest, I promised I’d be there for you, to always try my best, To give you all my love, and guide you through the years, To join in with your giggles, and wipe away your tears. You cried and cried and cried and cried and didn’t sleep…… Continue reading I love you.


Ask my girl a question, any question, and you will always get the same answer. “Dunno”. Whilst I understand it is down to her not knowing what she is expected to answer, I find it really frustrating! She knows the answer but cannot tell us…. ….imagine how frustrating that is for her. It got me…… Continue reading Positivity.

Complaint, Our Autism Mum.

What do you do when you need to complain about something……but you feel bad doing it? Bad because you like the place. Bad because you like the people. Bad because you don’t want then to dislike you. Bad because you feel guilty. Crazy isn’t it? I feel guilty submitting a complaint! I have good reason,…… Continue reading Complaint, Our Autism Mum.

Anxiety and Autism.

Anxiety and Autism seem to go hand in hand. The world is a difficult, and unpredicatable, place to understand. It is a place where there are many rules and regualtions. It is a place where the rules and regulations differ everywhere you go. There is no consistent. Expected behaviour is different for each place you…… Continue reading Anxiety and Autism.

“These children”

“These children.” “School get more money for taking these children.” ….The things you over hear. “These children”…. My girl is one of those children. Two families sat chatting in a drs waiting room, loudly I might add, about a disruptive child in school. A child who was shouting and making the teacher cross. A child…… Continue reading “These children”