The little things.

The simple things. Life. It goes so quick that we forget to enjoy it. Life is moving so quickly, it is hard to see things clearly. We are constantly busy, the clock ticks by and we have no time to notice it. The seconds turn to minutes, to hours and before you know it, the…… Continue reading The little things.

Get well soon Dad. Unexpected change.

What happens when a very unexpected change is thrown into our routine? What happens if within seconds we have to change our plans for the day? What happens if a loved one becomes ill and has to go to hospital in ambulance? …..this was our weekend. My girl has always been highly anxious. This results…… Continue reading Get well soon Dad. Unexpected change.

6 years on from our Autism diagnosis.

6 years ago today my girl was officially diagnosed with Autism. I thought we had been given a magic key and that we would get all the help and support that we needed. I thought the diagnosis would change everything. In reality, it didn’t change anything. We knew she had Autism before we got the…… Continue reading 6 years on from our Autism diagnosis.

Horrible, horrible anxiety.

Gnawing. Destroying. Damaging. Poisoning. Spoiling. Eroding. Wrecking. Shocking. Saddening. Consuming. Disturbing. Horrifying. Panicking. Upsetting. Worrying. Threatening. ……..Anxiety. Feeling so empty….. ……yet feeling so full of emotions. Nibbling, biting, chewing, gnawing, eating away at you. Constantly burrowing, crawling under your skin. There. Always there. Creeping, crawling, tunneling its way in. I read something today about anxiety…… Continue reading Horrible, horrible anxiety.

A constant battle.

Half term has been hard work. I want school to be back. I haven’t missed the morning battles to get her to school. I don’t want her to go back. She seems more settled in the holidays. But she needs the routine. I need the break. She is shouting already because she doesnt want to…… Continue reading A constant battle.

National Sibling Day. 2018.

The ‘normal’ sibling. I read that today is National Sibling Day in some parts of the US. It got me thinking. I talk alot about how my boy lives in my girls shadow. He is neurotypical but my girl has Autism and other disabilities. I have taken time to talk about how it all affects…… Continue reading National Sibling Day. 2018.

Isn’t that amazing.

I was so reluctant to give my girl a mobile phone. Turns out it may have just been the breakthrough we needed. My girl; who cannot/will not tell us when she is in pain, replied to my message as seen in the picture below. Amazing. Isn’t technology amazing. My girl may have found her voice.