Don’t touch…

Oh, to hold your hand in mine, To make sure you’re safe all the time, Oh, to stroke your long brown hair, A gesture to show how much I care, Oh, to hug you when you cry, To wipe tears falling from your eyes, Oh, to kiss your freckled face, To hold you in my…… Continue reading Don’t touch…


Is pain an emotion? It is a feeling. We feel it. So it is an emotion. Is that why my girl cannot process it? Is that why she has such a high pain threshold? Pain can be emotional or physical. A feeling. We feel it. But it isn’t an emotion. Is it? Screaming when the…… Continue reading Pain.


The tornado of negative feelings that has carried me through this week has finally let me go. Reality got me out of there. Remembering that it is not all bad, seeing that it is not all bad. My girl, the positivity I needed to exit the constant spin of feeling a failure. As the whirlwind…… Continue reading Saved!

Heavy heart.

In a world full of sadness I lead with a heavy heart. A head full of ‘what ifs’ and ‘whens’. Tv, radio, social media full of stories of innocent people losing their lives. It is heart breaking. It physically hurts my heart. My girl came home from school to see a dead Blackbird in our…… Continue reading Heavy heart.

Mixed emotions.

What if you didn’t know the difference between love and hate? How would life be? Would everyone get on? Would there be world peace? It is entirely possible for you to love someone you hate. It is entirely possible to hate someone you love. How is that? How can that be? It’s those little things…… Continue reading Mixed emotions.

Daisy Chain.

We’ll make a crown of daisies, we’ll thread them through your hair, We’ll take each little flower and handle it with care, They’re all a little different, no two flower heads the same, But they all will fit together in our little daisy chain. We’ll place that crown of daisies, and say that you’re the…… Continue reading Daisy Chain.