My sister.

Autism Siblings. A brothers point of view. I have a sister with Autism, and I would like you to see, Just how different, and hard, life at home can be. I am her little brother, I am 8, she is 10, Sometimes we get on, but then she is mean again. It’s not that she…… Continue reading My sister.

Minecraft….and Pokémon at Christmas!

This year I wonder if it would be easier for me, To load up a world and make a Minecraft Christmas tree, With glowstone for lights and spiderweb tinsel, And spawn creepers and villagers with which to mingle. To make presents with wool blocks in a biome with snow, To make them all colourful and…… Continue reading Minecraft….and Pokémon at Christmas!

Parent friendships.

I like to think I am a kind person. I like to think I am calm and approachable. …..I know I am not a very good friend. I am selfish and absorbed in a world of Autism and disability. They are all I talk about. They are all I think about. Everything I do and…… Continue reading Parent friendships.

My boy. (Siblings.)

My boy. I adore the very ground he walks on. He is my calm in the storm. The light in my dark days. My hug in a fight. He is 8. Only 8 years old and he is the person I turn to. His 10 year old sister has Autism and a list of physical…… Continue reading My boy. (Siblings.)


I’m sat upstairs and all I can hear downstairs is laughter. I’ve watched them play together all morning. Excitement, giggles, role play, no one in control, just play. It is calm, and happy. No fights, no shouting. I’m sat upstairs smiling. Inside is far from smiles. Inside my heart is crying. My girl is at…… Continue reading Friendships.

What a day!

You know those days where everything goes wrong? Then you look back and over analyse it and then it seems worse? Today has been just that. It started off bad and then lingered all day. My girl was just in one of those moods. The “I absolutely must be in charge of everything” moods. It…… Continue reading What a day!

Just grumpy?

It might be just me getting older, but I feel like I cannot tolerate people anymore. It might be just because I have a child with a disability that not many people understand. It might be just because I have a child with a disability that people are aware of but don’t make the effort…… Continue reading Just grumpy?