Autism cannot lie!

My girl cannot tell a lie. Many autistic individuals are the same. They say it how it is. A good thing you might think? …..try playing hide and seek with them!! My girl has been known to try and lie but she cannot again lie in her response. For example; “Did you eat the biscuit?”…… Continue reading Autism cannot lie!

Autism and birthday parties.

Birthday parties. In her infant and junior school years my girl attended a mainstream school. For years I complained as she never got invited to parties. Now in her specialist placement, my girl received an invite…. ….what followed made me rethink my earlier thoughts, and come to the realisation that perhaps not getting invited was…… Continue reading Autism and birthday parties.

Our Autism Family.

If you want to be friends come on over, Accept us, please, just how we are, I know that our family is different, And the behaviours may look quite bizarre, Normal is not something we do here, We accept the differences we own, And instead of trying to hide them, They’re free to roam in…… Continue reading Our Autism Family.


Alone. Alone in a room, but people are there, sat down on the floor, I’m up on a chair, watching them playing, a game in a team, I’m staring at them, trying not to be seen, wanting to ask them, if i can join in, sitting on my hands, trying not to stim, rocking to…… Continue reading Alone.

Nothing to see here…

If anyone had been watching as we entered the café at lunch, they wouldn’t have noticed anything out of the ordinary; Not about me, the sibling or the friends who were accompanying us for lunch. Today the café was bustling with people; leftovers waiting to be cleared on empty tables. No one paid any attention…… Continue reading Nothing to see here…

Best friends.

Today is my best friends birthday. Happy Birthday! She is my only truely close friend. I know, and like, many people, and say hello to them as we pass, but, if I am honest, I find friendships difficult. I am, I suppose, an unreliable friend. I am one of those who lets you down last…… Continue reading Best friends.

Christmas Visitors.

Dear Visitors at Christmas, Dont be suprised if my house is a mess, The floor is all dirty, children not dressed I can’t do the hoovering, it is too loud, There’s already too much noise around, We don’t sing the carols or turn on the lights, We have to do, what for us, feels right.…… Continue reading Christmas Visitors.