A new day.

What a difference a day makes! We got out for a walk, and even got smiles! My girl hates to hold anything in her hands and so was very proud of her invention to keep the umbrella up in the rain! She has been so much fun today, a completely different girl from yesterday. If…… Continue reading A new day.

You’ve got a friend in me

Just a girl with Autism, and her best friend, spreading a little happiness in these scary times. 🙂 You’ve got a friend in me. 😍

Autism, please don’t praise me.

My girl hates praise. …..I hate that. When she does something good it is natural for me to say “Well done”, or “that is fantastic, amazing”. But I can’t. She gets so, so cross and will destroy whatever it is I am praising. She growls and gets so angry. I don’t know why. Is this…… Continue reading Autism, please don’t praise me.


It was my girls birthday yesterday. A day that always fills me with apprehension, and an overflow of different emotions. I always worry how it is going to be, if she will enjoy it. I want it to be special for her, but we want to enjoy it too. I talk alot about how the…… Continue reading Birthday!

Autism acceptance.

Yesterday we had a really great day. We spent most of the day, in a busy public place, with friends. It was loud, noisy, chaotic and we took part in unplanned activities. But…. We had no meltdowns in public. None! Not even a flicker of one. We managed to enjoy the whole time, and take…… Continue reading Autism acceptance.

Some days.

Some days my girl can’t sit still. Some days she has 101 things on the go, unable to concentrate on 1 thing. Some days my girl is so anxious, and her self esteem so low, that she thinks everything she does is ‘rubbish’. Some days my girl is so restless her fustration cause meltdown… ……some…… Continue reading Some days.

She’s back.

Look what’s back! My girls amazing smile ❤ After a hard few days I feel like my daughter has been returned to me. School holidays, lead up to the full moon, hormones, pain? I have no idea what had caused such a difference in behaviour… …but my girl, and her beautiful smile, are back.