Best Christmas.

We made it through Christmas! Actually, Christmas Day was the best we have had in a very long time. I made some subtle changes this year but they made a very big difference! Christmas decorations were kept to a minimum. Presents were only things she had asked for. (Ssshh but there were alot less presents!)…… Continue reading Best Christmas.

Our little puppy.

The love they share, and the bond they have, melts my heart. My girl is capable of loving and she does need a loving touch. This little puppy always knows the right time to give her what she needs. Getting a dog was one of the best things we have ever done.


My girl has changed. Well that’s what it looks like. She hasn’t of course, she is just being herself after years of trying to fit in. I had never noticed how hard my girl had had to work in mainstream school. Not the academic side of it, but the social and emotional aspect of it.…… Continue reading Changed?


You’d think I would feel happy and relaxed. My girl is enjoying school and going in with no problem. She is coming home happier and meltdowns are less intense. I should feel energised, refreshed….. ….but I just feel…..urgh. 11 years of stress, sleepless nights and being on alert 24/7 has left me drained. 8 years…… Continue reading Urgh….

10 years!

It is Mr and Mrs ‘Our Autisms’ wedding anniversary today. We have been married for 10 years. …..and so much has happened in those 10 years! It has not been easy. I love my husband with 100% of my heart, but sometimes the stress, strain and sleep deprivation that comes with having a child with…… Continue reading 10 years!


Some children enjoy the sensory delight that sequins deliver. The shiny, bright, reflective shapes that have 1001 uses. My girl cannot bear them. She hates the feel of them and the light they create “hurts her eyes”. We were in a charity shop this afternoon and she spotted a Boston Terrier soft toy. Her obsession…… Continue reading Sequins…