Unfeeling robot?

She’s not unfeeling. She’s not a robot. She doesn’t have a heart made of stone…. …. But, She doesn’t feel what I feel. Does she? I feel everything deep in my heart. Perhaps she just feels it differently. When I am excited I feel my heart skip a beat. When my girl is exciting she…… Continue reading Unfeeling robot?

Is it really OK to not be OK?

It is OK to not be OK. I know this…. ….but it isn’t OK…..not really. I am a parent, a carer, I have to be OK. I am a special needs Mum, I have to be OK. I have to be strong, I have to always be OK. I am not OK. I can’t ever…… Continue reading Is it really OK to not be OK?

Hidden Disability; If I grew a third hand.

If it so happened I grew a third hand, I’d have a disability you’d all understand, I wouldn’t need to explain, or put up a fight, Or argue why I think the diagnosis is right. It would be there, on display, for all to see, Confirmation of how things are different for me, But because…… Continue reading Hidden Disability; If I grew a third hand.

Autism….a poem.

It must be Autism; When they are running around flapping, And you hear incessant foot tapping, When the behaviour looks out of place, And the look of disgust on everyones face. It must be Autism; When people never listen, When your head hurts because you’re so tired, And at 2am your child is still wired,…… Continue reading Autism….a poem.

Sshh! It’s ok.

Sssssshhhhhh….. ….I don’t want to jinx things but… ….all is calm on the Our Autism front. (And has been for a week!) The thing is with Autism is that it is so unpredictable. The other thing is that it is unpredictably predictable as after the calm there is always a storm, but we never know…… Continue reading Sshh! It’s ok.

Autism and ECG monitoring.

Imagine having Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Imagine hating having anything touching your skin. Imagine hating being touched. Imagine not being able to sleep because it feels different. Imagine not really understanding the rationale behind the procedure. ….Imagine having to wear a 24 hour ecg monitor. Wish me luck!!! Wish my girl luck! My poor…… Continue reading Autism and ECG monitoring.

Carers week 2018.

Am I a stay at home mum or a parent carer? ….or both? Where does it differ? When does one move on to the other? It is complicated and hard to understand. I am a stay at home Mum. I am a parent Carer. It is Carers Week here in the UK. A week dedicated…… Continue reading Carers week 2018.