Just imagine.

Imagine being so caught up on your own thoughts that decision making becomes impossible. Imagine wanting to do something so badly but part of you won’t allow it. Imagine getting so cross with yourself because you think you can do it, you want to do it, but you can’t. You are trapped. Physically and mentally.…… Continue reading Just imagine.

I’m tired.

I’m tired of always having to fight, I’m tired of being the one to put things right, I’m tired of always having to explain, I’m tired of repeating myself over again, I’m tired of teaching people who should know better, I’m tired of writing emails and letters, I’m tired of my words falling on deaf…… Continue reading I’m tired.

To Daddy.

A thank you note to ‘Our Autism’ Dad. Thank you for always being there for us. Always. No matter what. Thank you for going to work on very little sleep to support your family. Thank you for being there for me in the early hours when all I want to do is go to bed.…… Continue reading To Daddy.

Woe be me.

Today has been hard. Really hard. The change in routine due to no school and our upcoming holiday has introduced some very challenging behaviours. It’s a viscous cycle for me. ….for me. The selfish one. The one who feels the need to talk about how Autism is hard for me….. I live in a loop.…… Continue reading Woe be me.

The pain of school.

Hooray for half term!! 1 whole week of no school! 1 whole week of no school refusals! My 10 year old girl refuses school every single day. She is late for school every single day. I try and try, so hard, to get her in, but it is so, so hard. What do you imagine…… Continue reading The pain of school.


Support. A few friends I know have undiagnosed, newly diagnosed and diagnosed children but do not have anyone to talk to. How can I help them? I want to be of some support, to be able to help them, to be of some use. Support is hard to come by. You think you can talk…… Continue reading Support.

Out of the ordinary?

If anyone had been watching as we entered the café at lunch, they wouldn’t have noticed anything out of the ordinary; Not about me, the sibling or the Grandfather who was accompanying us for lunch. Today the café was bustling with people; leftovers waiting to be cleared on empty tables. No one paid any attention…… Continue reading Out of the ordinary?