Is Autism scary?

Autism. That scary word. That scary condition. Scary? Only because we can’t ever fully understand it. My son is scared of the dark. He is frightened because he can’t see what is going to happen. ….just like Autism. I have lived and breathed Autism for 11 years of my girls life, and it still scares…… Continue reading Is Autism scary?


“You can go back to work now your girl goes to school.” A sentance more than one person has said to me this week. I don’t like it. I don’t like the assumption that now my girl is going to school, that everything has magically changed. The truth is; my girl has not changed, she…… Continue reading Work?

Our puppy, a year on.

A year ago today our lives changed. A year ago today our little puppy came home. I knew things would be different with a dog around the house. I knew life would be more busy. I knew training a puppy whilst watching my girl 24 hours a day may well have been impossible… ….but we…… Continue reading Our puppy, a year on.

1st day at secondary.

She did it! I remember my first day of secondary school. I remember being so scared and nervous. I remember lying awake with questions whizzing around my head and not knowing the answers. I didn’t know my way around, I didn’t know the teachers names, I didn’t know who was in my tutor group. My…… Continue reading 1st day at secondary.

So, very, tired.

Sleep deprivation. A very real part of Autism. For the carers it is one of the most difficult things to handle. Everything is so much harder when you are tired. Being tired is hardwork. Being tired all the time makes everything hardwork. You never get used to it. Ever. My girl has never been a…… Continue reading So, very, tired.

To Teaching Assistants

With only a few days until school starts again, here is my advice for TAs of special needs children. For all of my girls school life so far she has had a TA with her. Up until this year we were very lucky and had amazing TAs, who I realise now, I took for granted.…… Continue reading To Teaching Assistants

Suffering from Autism?

I suffer from a lot of things. Sleep deprivation, exhaustion, headaches, migraines, joint pains, mood swings, depression, anxiety, guilt….so much guilt. I don’t suffer from Autism. I suffer with the consequences of not being in a position to understand my child. But not Autism. I don’t ever wake up and dread Autism. I don’t ever…… Continue reading Suffering from Autism?