But she can talk?

My girl has Autism. My girl can talk. She is verbal. Many on the more severe end of the spectrum are non verbal. Some would say I am lucky that she has speech….. As ungrateful as that sounds, it boils down to peoples conceptions about Autism. Many still believe that people with Autism cannot speak,…… Continue reading But she can talk?


Some days I have so much to say, I just don’t know where to start. Ideas, problems, solutions and everyday thoughts render me unable to think about one thing clearly. My mind is constantly noisy, different conversations competing to be heard. My head is too loud. The words don’t come. I wonder if this is…… Continue reading Words.

Happy New Year?

I was going to try and write something inspirational. I was going to start by saying I will try and be more positive in my blog. I was going to try and find all the good in Autism and write about that instead. My new years blog resolution was to paper over the cracks and…… Continue reading Happy New Year?

Bedtime stories.

My girl is almost 12 and every single night, I read her a bedtime story. Then I sit in her room as she falls asleep. Recently I have been worrying that she is too old for it. Recently I have thought maybe I should encourage a more independant bedtime routine. …..recently I have been comparing…… Continue reading Bedtime stories.