To Daddy.

A thank you note to ‘Our Autism’ Dad. Thank you for always being there for us. Always. No matter what. Thank you for going to work on very little sleep to support your family. Thank you for being there for me in the early hours when all I want to do is go to bed.…… Continue reading To Daddy.

Heavy heart.

In a world full of sadness I lead with a heavy heart. A head full of ‘what ifs’ and ‘whens’. Tv, radio, social media full of stories of innocent people losing their lives. It is heart breaking. It physically hurts my heart. My girl came home from school to see a dead Blackbird in our…… Continue reading Heavy heart.


I am not scared of the world anymore……I am completely terrified. Race, religion, money, is it worth sacrificing innocent lifes for? Our prinicipal emotions of love and hate have reached the extremes, boundaries blurred, hate turning into love, the love of another creating hate amongst the human race. Hate will never win. Hate will make…… Continue reading Manchester.

Yes, it sometimes is.

Yes my boy, some days it really is. …my son drew this picture today. My boy; I wonder if you realise just how important you are on this journey. How, at 8 years old, you can already do more things with your sister than any adult could ever achieve. How your calming voice can quiet…… Continue reading Yes, it sometimes is.

The ‘normal’ sibling.

I read that today is National Sibling Day in some parts of the US. It got me thinking. I talk alot about how my boy lives in my girls shadow. He is neurotypical but my girl has Autism and other disabilities. I have taken time to talk about how it all affects him… ….but what…… Continue reading The ‘normal’ sibling.

Mothers Day UK.

It is Mothers Day today, but please spare a thought, For mums who don’t receive gifts their child has bought, For mums who won’t get a card, a picture they have drawn, Or a handmade posy of flowers which they have written their name on. It is Mothers Day today, but no words will be…… Continue reading Mothers Day UK.

Mothers day blog share.

In honour of being a SEND Blogger mum I was asked to join up with a whole host of others sharing interviews about who we are and what motherhood is like for us. Our blog buddies were picked at random and I got a blogger who I follow called Laura who writes for the page:…… Continue reading Mothers day blog share.