My hero.

Our Young Carer. When I wake him he can’t believe its morning, He greets me with a stretch, still yawning, Blinking as his eyes adjust to the day light, Tired as his sister kept him awake all night, Climbing out of bed, grabbing his clothes, Creeping down the stairs on his tip toes, Trying to…… Continue reading My hero.

Please Santa……

Please Santa? When all is quiet, and I get time for me, I will sit and snuggle up under the tree, I will write to Santa, but not ask for presents, All I want this year is Autism Acceptance. I know it is hard for everyone to see, And you all don’t walk in the…… Continue reading Please Santa……

The sunshine through the trees. I don’t hate Autism.

I don’t hate Autism. Does it come across that I do? I don’t. At all. I hate parts of it. I hate the parts that make my childs life so difficult. I hate that I can’t make my child understand that I am trying to help. I hate that it makes me scared of my…… Continue reading The sunshine through the trees. I don’t hate Autism.

National Sibling Day. 2018.

The ‘normal’ sibling. I read that today is National Sibling Day in some parts of the US. It got me thinking. I talk alot about how my boy lives in my girls shadow. He is neurotypical but my girl has Autism and other disabilities. I have taken time to talk about how it all affects…… Continue reading National Sibling Day. 2018.

I love you.

Just a little baby, snuggled cosy on my chest, I promised I’d be there for you, to always try my best, To give you all my love, and guide you through the years, To join in with your giggles, and wipe away your tears. You cried and cried and cried and cried and didn’t sleep…… Continue reading I love you.

Birthday Boy. Sibling

“Have you enjoyed your birthday my boy?” “I liked all my presents but not all the….ARGH!!” My girl. My girl is the argh! The shouting, screaming, controlling. The behaviours we expect on someone elses birthday. The everything we don’t want to see. We expect it. We prepare for it. We countdown for birthdays. We buy…… Continue reading Birthday Boy. Sibling