Be thankful.

Whether it has been good, whether it has been bad, Sit down and reflect on the day that you’ve had, Think of the good things, the giggles, the sun, Don’t dwell on the bad things, that day has been done. Just sit in the quiet and think what you’ve got, Be grateful for everything, be…… Continue reading Be thankful.

Our house.

A messy front room, unmade beds, Dishes not washed, post unread, Socks in the hallway, shoes by the doors, Handprints on the windows, rubbish on the floors. Cobwebs in the corners, dishes in the sink, Cups strewn around the rooms filled with yesterdays drinks. Love oozing out the walls, giggles fill the air, My house…… Continue reading Our house.

A letter to you all.

Dear Autism parents and carers, Scrolling through my social media posts these past few days I have seen so many cries for help. So many of you are struggling with the holidays, with the change to the routine. I am too. We all are. You are not alone. I need to say something to you.…… Continue reading A letter to you all.

Special needs parent friends.

Since having a child with Special needs my friendship circle has drastically reduced. It is not anyones fault, it is just the way things go. People grow up, grow apart and move on. When I realised my child had additional needs,  that required diagnosis and extra care, I didn’t realise how drastic the change would…… Continue reading Special needs parent friends.

It’s not about me.

What a week! It has been a hard one and I am not afraid to admit that I have struggled. I have struggled…… ….imagine how hard it has been for my girl. It is all too easy for me to tell you how exhausted I feel, how stressed I feel, how I feel so low.…… Continue reading It’s not about me.