Respite….the guilt

I woke up this morning in a panic. My girl has been away for 2 nights respite. I had slept through and thought something awful had happened! 2 nights of sleep and I feel like a new woman. This morning, after the panic resided, I woke up with a feeling of dread, fear, anxiety? I…… Continue reading Respite….the guilt

RIP 7 Up.

Imagine a 12 year old screaming about a drink she had forgotten to bring home from a restaurant after she’d eaten her tea. Imagine a 3 hour meltdown following because the drink was one of her things and was now wasted. Imagine being screamed and shouted at because you wouldn’t drive her back to get…… Continue reading RIP 7 Up.

The bit no one talks about.

“Hi” “Hi. You ok?” “All good thanks. You?” “Yeah, all ok thanks ” “Haven’t seen you for a while, been up to much?” “No, not really.” “Did you get out to see any fireworks?” “No, we were going to but I got attacked again.” “Oh no. What do you nean again?” “Yeah, it happens alot…… Continue reading The bit no one talks about.

I have no idea….

I read about people with Autism having meltdowns. I read how we should try and reason, understand and explain the persons feelings to them. I read how we should stay silent allowing the person to process their emotions. I read how we just need to be there to offer support. I read so much of…… Continue reading I have no idea….

Now that she’s tall!

Something struck me today. Something that I hadn’t thought about. I thought people judged my girls behaviour because she was young. I thought it was maybe because she looked out of control….like I was out of control. I thought all the snide comments and sideward glances were because I am supposed to have taught my…… Continue reading Now that she’s tall!

This was a hard day.

I want to write about all the good stuff. I want to tell you what makes Autism amazing. I want to tell you all the positive things that will make you keep reading… …but I can’t. Not today anyway. Today has been horrendous. There have been near constant meltdowns. I haven’t been able to stop…… Continue reading This was a hard day.

All it took

All it took was a friendly face. The day started difficult again. My girl was not happy or approachable. There was nothing I could do to make her smile. My Dad sent me a message and offered to come over. He changed the day completely. My girl absolutely adores her Grandad. He has some kind…… Continue reading All it took