Lonely at Christmas.

Lonely at Christmas. At this time of year I start to feel lonely. I see photos of people having fun at Christmas parties on social media. I see pictures of people having friends over for a chat and glass of wine. I see get togethers and coffee dates. I feel lonely…….and envious. We can’t do…… Continue reading Lonely at Christmas.

Parent friendships.

I like to think I am a kind person. I like to think I am calm and approachable. …..I know I am not a very good friend. I am selfish and absorbed in a world of Autism and disability. They are all I talk about. They are all I think about. Everything I do and…… Continue reading Parent friendships.


I am a prisoner. Being held hostage by Autism; by anxiety. Enclosed in a house with no way out, locked windows and doors. Curtains drawn to avoid the bright sunlight and the shadows of the unknown. Dressed in a uniform dictated by my captor; by sensory processing problems. Clothes that are soft and loose. Not…… Continue reading Prisoner.

What a day!

You know those days where everything goes wrong? Then you look back and over analyse it and then it seems worse? Today has been just that. It started off bad and then lingered all day. My girl was just in one of those moods. The “I absolutely must be in charge of everything” moods. It…… Continue reading What a day!

Our storm.

Whipping up a frenzy, Not being very friendly, Lost control of the senses, Ripping down the fences Shaking down the leaves, Lashing out at me, Feeling very unsettled, Mood not very level, Things are getting serious, The winds are getting furious, Twigs hit the window, Screaming into the pillow, A path of destruction, Ignoring all…… Continue reading Our storm.

Just grumpy?

It might be just me getting older, but I feel like I cannot tolerate people anymore. It might be just because I have a child with a disability that not many people understand. It might be just because I have a child with a disability that people are aware of but don’t make the effort…… Continue reading Just grumpy?


Bleurgh…. You know that feeling when you can’t quite describe how you feel. When all you want to do is drink wine and eat chocolate…….except you are too tired to do either. Bleurgh…. You know when the weekend is over and you need to make plans for the week ahead. When you have school clothes…… Continue reading Bleurgh.