Mums on benefits

I have read a few posts on social media about Mums on benefits….you know the ones…. So here it is. Lets talk about being an Autism Mum. The truth I am a stay at home mum. On benefits. I also am a qualified paediatric nurse. I went to college for 3 years then university for…… Continue reading Mums on benefits


How can there be a normal when your normal is so different to mine? I wondered this today when I heard a woman say, “that’s not normal is it?” to her friend as she walked by us in a shop. My girl was growling because a baby was crying and she could not bare the…… Continue reading Normal?

Autism. I just don’t know.

Autism. I don’t know, and my anxiety feeds off this. The not knowing…. The not understanding… Only knowing what you have read and researched, Encountering behaviours that you don’t understand the origin of. Never understanding what you have experienced. Will we ever know…..fully? Will we ever understand…..completely? About Autism? Will we ever fully understand Autism?…… Continue reading Autism. I just don’t know.

Post school holiday blues.

The first 2 days of school are over! My girl is smiling and routine has returned as if school was never finished. ….then there is me. *insert sad face* You’d think I would feel happy and relaxed. I feel sad and lonely. I miss having the children home, the chaos, the noise. My girl is…… Continue reading Post school holiday blues.

This is me…overprotective Mum.

Overprotective Mum. When you look at me, what do you see? An overprotective Mum, probably, In fact I know that you do, I’ve heard it said, But think of me like this instead; My child has problems that you cannot see, Conditions called hidden disabilities, I may always have to be at her side, She…… Continue reading This is me…overprotective Mum.


We spend our days trying. Trying to live up to expectations so we can fit in. Trying to be like everyone else. Trying to do things everyone else does. But why? Mum guilt. Social media. Everything we see on social media, we believe. Photos portrating happy moments, statuses depicting perfect lives. Happy, family days out,…… Continue reading Trying.


I was casually chatting to the cashier today as she was scanning my shopping. She asked me what I was up to today. I told her that Monday is mostly cleaning up after the weekend. She asked if we’d had guests, I told her no, we just have children! I explained that we don’t tend…… Continue reading Invisible?