The sunshine through the trees. I don’t hate Autism.

I don’t hate Autism. Does it come across that I do? I don’t. At all. I hate parts of it. I hate the parts that make my childs life so difficult. I hate that I can’t make my child understand that I am trying to help. I hate that it makes me scared of my…… Continue reading The sunshine through the trees. I don’t hate Autism.

Autism and Anorexia. Eating Disorders Awareness week.

This week is national eating disorders awareness week. You may be thinking that this is normally an Autism blog and wondering why I am highlighting it; 1) because spreading awareness of anything with a negative stigma is always extremely important. 2) I believe there to be an invisible link between Autism and Anorexia. Anorexia is…… Continue reading Autism and Anorexia. Eating Disorders Awareness week.


Ask my girl a question, any question, and you will always get the same answer. “Dunno”. Whilst I understand it is down to her not knowing what she is expected to answer, I find it really frustrating! She knows the answer but cannot tell us…. ….imagine how frustrating that is for her. It got me…… Continue reading Positivity.

“Orange Autism.”

We all develop little tricks to help with our childrens anxiety. We all gave our own little coping stratedgies to try. We tried one with my girl for when we went out in the car. It worked really well……..until it turned into an obsession. Autism one, parenting fail. When I was younger we used to…… Continue reading “Orange Autism.”


Time. I need to know the exact time. I am sure that I am the most annoying host/guest ever but if you are coming over or we are coming to you, I need to know what time. My child has Autism. Her life needs to be organised, regimented and routine led. Time is extremely important…… Continue reading Time.

Minecraft….and Pokémon at Christmas!

This year I wonder if it would be easier for me, To load up a world and make a Minecraft Christmas tree, With glowstone for lights and spiderweb tinsel, And spawn creepers and villagers with which to mingle. To make presents with wool blocks in a biome with snow, To make them all colourful and…… Continue reading Minecraft….and Pokémon at Christmas!

An Elf took a stroll…

Life is a bit stressful at the moment so sharing a story I wrote a few years ago. It is loosely based around the Gruffalo and aims to raise Autism Awareness. Please share. 😁🎅 An elf took a stroll through a Christmassy wood, The elf saw a child and stopped where it stood, “What are…… Continue reading An Elf took a stroll…