Autism and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3.

My girl has Autism. I have spent alot of her life focusing on this and trying to make the world an easier place for her. My girl has Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, hypermobility type. She was born with this condition but not officially diagnosed until she was 7. I try not to focus so much on…… Continue reading Autism and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome type 3.


I can’t decide what is worse: Seeing your child in pain, or knowing there is nothing you can do to help. Today they are both breaking my heart. I am angry because my child has this ‘thing’ that I cannot take away. I am upset because I wish it was me that was hurting instead.…… Continue reading Pain.

Unwell hugs.

Oh my girl, how I hate to see you unwell. How I hate to see you in pain and discomfort and not know how to soothe you. Oh my girl, how I love the cuddles when you are unwell. How I love that you feel reassured by resting your body against mine. Oh how I…… Continue reading Unwell hugs.

Our Autism.

The violence. That’s what I hate about Autism. It’s not everyones’ Autism, but it is Our Autism. I don’t know if it is communication, or whether she wants to hurt me. I feel like its the latter, but I know that is probably not the case. It takes over her like a power she cannot…… Continue reading Our Autism.

The C Word.

“Grandad has got cancer.” I never imagined myself ever saying those words. Ever. Cancer. That C word that everybody fears. That horrible world that brings with it uncertainty and darkness. The fear, it’s big ugly friend, comes with it and engulfs a person whole. It revels in terrorising your body, your friends, your family, and…… Continue reading The C Word.

What a day!

The dentist. The place where my girl is at her most vulnerable, the place she hates more than anywhere else. Today we were there for an appointment for my boy. “Take my girl, show her that it isn’t a place to fear” …a logical thought process….or so I thought. Here is proof that I still…… Continue reading What a day!


Is pain an emotion? It is a feeling. We feel it. So it is an emotion. Is that why my girl cannot process it? Is that why she has such a high pain threshold? Pain can be emotional or physical. A feeling. We feel it. But it isn’t an emotion. Is it? Screaming when the…… Continue reading Pain.