I’m tired.

I’m tired of always having to fight, I’m tired of being the one to put things right, I’m tired of always having to explain, I’m tired of repeating myself over again, I’m tired of teaching people who should know better, I’m tired of writing emails and letters, I’m tired of my words falling on deaf…… Continue reading I’m tired.

Thanks Mr Weather Man!

Just when you think sleep can’t get any worse Mr Weather Man pulls a heatwave out of his bag! ​My girl has Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. This can manifest in several ways. Today it showed itself by illustrating my girls difficulty with temperature regulation. Children, and adults, with Autism often have problems with temperature…… Continue reading Thanks Mr Weather Man!

Parent Carer? (Carers Week).

Am I a stay at home mum or a parent carer? ….or both? Where does it differ? Where does one move to the other? It is complicated and hard to understand. I am a stay at home Mum. I am a parent Carer It is Carers Week here in the UK. A week dedicated to…… Continue reading Parent Carer? (Carers Week).


I am not scared of the world anymore……I am completely terrified. Race, religion, money, is it worth sacrificing innocent lifes for? Our prinicipal emotions of love and hate have reached the extremes, boundaries blurred, hate turning into love, the love of another creating hate amongst the human race. Hate will never win. Hate will make…… Continue reading Manchester.

Make time.

Do we ever get to know our children? Properly I mean? In the hustle and bustle of our busy lifes, faces hidden behind technology, conversations replaced by social media, do we ever get the time to sit down and find out who they are? We don’t always get time….. but we always have time. The…… Continue reading Make time.

It will be ok.

When all is quiet and I get a moment alone, I think of my girl, how much she has grown, How much has changed, it was harder back then, I cannot believe that she is already ten! The visions I had when she was first diagnosed, How I feared her to be so different to…… Continue reading It will be ok.

Time for me.

Out to the beach is where I go, To watch the tide as it ebbs and flows, To tell my secrets to the sea, Time alone, just for me. Out to walk along the sand, To watch the waves lap the land, To cry my tears into the swell, Watch them land on washed up…… Continue reading Time for me.