Is Autism scary?

Autism. That scary word. That scary condition. Scary? Only because we can’t ever fully understand it. My son is scared of the dark. He is frightened because he can’t see what is going to happen. ….just like Autism. I have lived and breathed Autism for 11 years of my girls life, and it still scares…… Continue reading Is Autism scary?


“You can go back to work now your girl goes to school.” A sentance more than one person has said to me this week. I don’t like it. I don’t like the assumption that now my girl is going to school, that everything has magically changed. The truth is; my girl has not changed, she…… Continue reading Work?

Looking for a job.

Looking for a job! Must be within school hours. Must allow for lateness due to childs unpredictibility in mornings. Cannot work evenings or school holidays. Must allow frequents days off for childs hospital appointments. Must allow use of mobile phone to keep in touch with school. Must allow personal use of phone/email to organise, plan…… Continue reading Looking for a job.


Hangman. My girl may not be able to verbalise her emotions but she can make Mr HangMan let me know that she was annoyed at me for not guessing the word correctly! Ok, so maybe not entirely appropriate, but when you have a child who struggles so much with her feelings, I think I can…… Continue reading Hangman.

I am a Mum.

I just want to be a Mum. If I knew then, what I knew now, Would that make me a better Mum somehow? If I knew the diagnosis, before she was born, If I could have, possibly, been warned. Not warned of the Autism, but of all the fights, Just to get access to her…… Continue reading I am a Mum.

Autism Mums; a poem.

Autism Mums; a poem. When it is quiet and I get a moment alone, I think of my girl, how much she has grown, How far she has come in a short space of time, In the darkest of days, she is my sunshine. The visions I had when she was first diagnosed, How I…… Continue reading Autism Mums; a poem.

Giving in.

Some days pass by in a blur of giving in. Ok, so maybe more than some days, but I just don’t know how to change it. How do you change a childs demand when they do not understand why you are refusing it? How do you make them see the importance of it? This will…… Continue reading Giving in.