The long nights.

The nights your child wakes before you have got to bed. That sinking feeling when you know you will be sat up all night. Sat there fighting sleep, needing sleep, watching your child full of energy. Knowing that you need to be awake and alert to watch their every move. Whispering to your child to…… Continue reading The long nights.

Just listen. An Autism journey poem.

It’s 2007 and I’m happy but crying, Not really sure what I have become, but I’m holding the baby, I am now a Mum, In the noisy room of the maternity ward, The air is sterile and clean, and the faces of crying mums and babies can be seen, And I’m feeling so old in…… Continue reading Just listen. An Autism journey poem.

Praise….please don’t.

My girl attended a hospital appointment today. She was so well behaved, so co-operative, so I told her. I praised her, told her well done, told her that she had been a star. My mistake. My girl hates praise. …..I hate that. When she does something good it is natural for me to say “Well…… Continue reading Praise….please don’t.

Isn’t that amazing.

I was so reluctant to give my girl a mobile phone. Turns out it may have just been the breakthrough we needed. My girl; who cannot/will not tell us when she is in pain, replied to my message as seen in the picture below. Amazing. Isn’t technology amazing. My girl may have found her voice.

Giving in.

Some days pass by in a blur of giving in. Ok, so maybe more than some days, but I just don’t know how to change it. How do you change a childs demand when they do not understand why you are refusing it? How do you make them see the importance of it? This will…… Continue reading Giving in.

School reports.

School reports. I hate them. Alot. What are they for? Who are they for? Not for me! When my child is at school I am not in charge of her anymore. If they work well, it is because you are teaching them well. Yes, ok, I am interested in the subjects they are doing, but…… Continue reading School reports.

Dear Tooth Fairy.

Dear Tooth Fairy, It is with no sadness or regret that tonight we bid you farewell. My girl has lost her very last baby tooth! Usually milestones like this would make me feel emotional, but tonight I am going to have a glass of wine in celebration! It is nothing personal tooth fairy, we have…… Continue reading Dear Tooth Fairy.