A letter to my neighbours.

Dear neighbours, I sit here crying not knowing what to say as sorry never seems enough. I don’t know what I am even apologising for, I just feel the need to explain. To explain away the noise, the shouting, the endless nights we have kept you awake. My silent tears fall as the chaos around…… Continue reading A letter to my neighbours.

The guilt.

Perhaps it is wrong to admit it. Perhaps I shouldn’t even say it. The guilt eats me up inside every time I send her. …but we need it. Right? Ok. Here goes. Deep breath….. We had a lovely evening whilst my girl was at respite. There. Done. Said. Why do I feel so bad even…… Continue reading The guilt.

Things will soon look brighter.

I can’t seem to snap out of this negative phase. Everything just feels so difficult. Everything is such an effort. I am tired. Not just tired, completely exhausted. My positivity and happiness seem to be buried so deep that I can’t quite reach it. I know it is there, I just haven’t got the energy…… Continue reading Things will soon look brighter.

Post school holiday blues.

The first 2 days of school are over! My girl is smiling and routine has returned as if school was never finished. ….then there is me. *insert sad face* You’d think I would feel happy and relaxed. I feel sad and lonely. I miss having the children home, the chaos, the noise. My girl is…… Continue reading Post school holiday blues.

….that ❤

Just when you feel you are completely failing at being a Mother. When you feel you have not managed the holidays correctly. When you feel down and completely exhausted…. ….and then your child hands you a picture she has drawn…. ….that. ❤

No cure for Autism.

This article is so, SO, important. Autism has NO cure. There are many stories of how children have ‘got’ Autism from a variety of different things, including the MMR. The fact of the matter is that Autism is created in the womb, and you are born with it. As awareness of Autism is increasing, therefore…… Continue reading No cure for Autism.

The broken system.

At 14 years old, my friends son got his diagnosis of Autism today. 14 years old. This boy has been through his whole primary school life without a diagnosis. He has struggled so much, and been let down by so many. His parents have fought for so long to get the diagnosis that they knew…… Continue reading The broken system.