Bleurgh…. You know that feeling when you can’t quite describe how you feel. When all you want to do is drink wine and eat chocolate…….except you are too tired to do either. Bleurgh…. You know when the weekend is over and you need to make plans for the week ahead. When you have school clothes…… Continue reading Bleurgh.

Blood donation.

It is important to involve our children in as much as we can as we go about our lives. We are their role models. We want them to grow up to be good people. We want them to become as independant as possible. It is not always easy to take your child out when you…… Continue reading Blood donation.


I am not asking people to write me an essay on Autism. I am not asking that they spend their evenings researching the condition. I don’t expect them to understand something I will never fully understand myself. I am just asking one thing…. ….please listen to me. I know my child more than anyone else…… Continue reading Listen.

Awake again.

Awake. Again. Clock ticking. Girl screaming. Eyes closing. Head hurting. House awake. With the noise she makes. Floorboards creaking. No one sleeping. Our Autism awake. Tea break. Sleep deprivation. No motivation. Need my bed. Resit my head. Awake all night. Sun brings light. Feeling drained. Tonight we’ll do it again.

Daisy Chain.

We’ll make a crown of daisies, we’ll thread them through your hair, We’ll take each little flower and handle it with care, They’re all a little different, no two flower heads the same, But they all will fit together in our little daisy chain. We’ll place that crown of daisies, and say that you’re the…… Continue reading Daisy Chain.

An alternative Easter!

Ok, so Autism doesn’t get the blame for everything. Sometimes humour is the only thing that gets you through! Happy Easter! 😂 It is the night before easter, the kids are still awake, If they don’t go to sleep soon I’ll tell them the easter bunny’s fake, I’ve asked them to go to bed, and…… Continue reading An alternative Easter!