The Spectrum.

No two people with Autism are the same, It is a spectrum of symptoms all under one name. Whilst all people share the same difficulties they face, The way it affects them is different in each case. Some people can talk, whilst some make no sounds, Whilst in a few people a healthy vocabulary can…… Continue reading The Spectrum.

Our little friend.

❤ I hold her close, Up to my nose, Breath her in, Feel her warmth on my skin, Hug her tight, Kiss her goodnight. ❤ Getting a puppy was one of the best things we have ever done for my girl. Little Domino has brought out a side of her that we have never seen.…… Continue reading Our little friend.

Fireworks; a sensory nightmare.

The crowds are gathering, the grounds are full, There are people everywhere, So much noise from everyone chatting, The smell of hot dogs fills the air. The skys all dark, the crowds go still, The loud silence hurts my ears, No one has said what is happening next, I can’t speak, I’m frozen in fear.…… Continue reading Fireworks; a sensory nightmare.

It’s not bad.

When you have had a hard afternoon, When bedtime cannot come too soon, When you are feeling sad and full of woe, When you feel you’ve reached your all time low, When you’ve sat and watched her scream and shout, When you have no idea what it’s all about, When you take a deep breath…… Continue reading It’s not bad.

Our storm.

Whipping up a frenzy, Not being very friendly, Lost control of the senses, Ripping down the fences Shaking down the leaves, Lashing out at me, Feeling very unsettled, Mood not very level, Things are getting serious, The winds are getting furious, Twigs hit the window, Screaming into the pillow, A path of destruction, Ignoring all…… Continue reading Our storm.


Bleurgh…. You know that feeling when you can’t quite describe how you feel. When all you want to do is drink wine and eat chocolate…….except you are too tired to do either. Bleurgh…. You know when the weekend is over and you need to make plans for the week ahead. When you have school clothes…… Continue reading Bleurgh.