What about us? Anti Bullying week. 2018.

What about us? Alone. Footsteps echoing in the emptiness. Why am I made to feel like this? Crowds of people stop and stare. All alone and no one cares. What about us? Scared. Hiding behind invisible walls. Why should I have to hear this at all? Shouting, taunting, called rude names, Quiet whilst people play…… Continue reading What about us? Anti Bullying week. 2018.

I am Autism.

I want control. I need control. I am control. I am Autism. A fear of being out of control. A fear of uncertainty. A fear of feeling unsafe. A fear of being in an unpredictable world. I am Autism. I make the rules. I choose the rules. I am the rules. I am Autism. The…… Continue reading I am Autism.


If I took half of a whisker from a wise old cat, If I took a strand of string from an old man’s hat, If I took a tear from a baby crying with laughter, If I took the giggles from the sound of toddler chatter, If I added it to the showers that come…… Continue reading Magic.

My little rainbow. 🌈

My little rainbow. Because I made you, I thought I’d know just what to do, That I would understand you, That love would get us through. Because you grew in me, I thought I would know everything, I didn’t know what life would bring, But I didn’t know anything. Because I didn’t understand, Life wasn’t…… Continue reading My little rainbow. 🌈

The night before new school.

T’was the night before school in Our Autism house, Anxiety was affecting everyone, even my girls toy mouse, She’s in a bit of a state, but she does want to go, This new school is scary, this is all I know; The school clothes are too itchy, she doesn’t want to do her hair, She…… Continue reading The night before new school.

I am a Mum.

I just want to be a Mum. If I knew then, what I knew now, Would that make me a better Mum somehow? If I knew the diagnosis, before she was born, If I could have, possibly, been warned. Not warned of the Autism, but of all the fights, Just to get access to her…… Continue reading I am a Mum.

Outside….the senses.

If you stop, and look, stand really still, Smell the breeze, feel the chill, Watch the clouds float all around, See the insects on the ground, Take a breath, breathe right in, Feel it wake you up within, Close your eyes, hear the leaves, Listen as they dance on the trees, Feel the raindrops on…… Continue reading Outside….the senses.