A letter to you all.

Dear Autism parents and carers, Scrolling through my social media posts these past few days I have seen so many cries for help. So many of you are struggling with the holidays, with the change to the routine. I am too. We all are. You are not alone. I need to say something to you.…… Continue reading A letter to you all.

Would magic help? 

If I took half of a whisker from a wise old cat, If I took a strand of string from an old man’s hat, If I took a tear from a baby crying with laughter, If I took the giggles from the sound of toddler chatter, If I added it to the showers that come…… Continue reading Would magic help? 

Blood donation.

It is important to involve our children in as much as we can as we go about our lives. We are their role models. We want them to grow up to be good people. We want them to become as independant as possible. It is not always easy to take your child out when you…… Continue reading Blood donation.

Where’s my positivity?

My aim today? To be positive. …..about a bad day. It can be done, can’t it? Sometimes I feel it can’t, most days I feel I can’t. I don’t mean to be so negative but when you see your child struggle and meltdown daily over the easiest of tasks, you get stuck in negativity. Everything…… Continue reading Where’s my positivity?