Been and gone.

Christmas Day has come and gone and I am so relieved. Relieved that it is over. I used to love Christmas, but now it fills me with dread. I worry how I can please everyone whilst keeping my girl happy. I worry how family and friends will perceive her behaviour. I worry about the gifts…… Continue reading Been and gone.

Keep it simple.

School has finished for the holidays but I don’t feel one bit Christmassy. These past few weeks have been so busy that time has just flown. My poor husband being poorly, and then my girl falling badly and dislocating her kneecap, has meant that all my attention has been focused on them. Poor Christmas has…… Continue reading Keep it simple.


Oh my goodness…..what a week. Yes, and it is only Wednesday! My girl has had a really tough time. My husband was taken ill and rushed into hospital early Saturday morning. It resulted in a hospital stay and surgery and he came home yesterday. Bam…..just like that everything suddenly changed. She didn’t take it well.…… Continue reading Emergency…

Time to think.

“It has been nice to have respite” A comment made by my girl who has been home from school this week, ill. An innocent comment referring to the fact that we were having one on one time. A comment that stopped me in my tracks. Respite. We are fortunate to have been granted hours by…… Continue reading Time to think.

No Elf on our shelf.

Why I don’t do Elf on the Shelf. Tomorrow is the big day. I know for many families this is tradition. I know many families have a lot of fun and joy in doing it, but for us, it’s not to be. Imagine this. My girl at home. A place where she feels safe, a…… Continue reading No Elf on our shelf.

My boy. (Siblings.)

My boy. I adore the very ground he walks on. He is my calm in the storm. The light in my dark days. My hug in a fight. He is 8. Only 8 years old and he is the person I turn to. His 10 year old sister has Autism and a list of physical…… Continue reading My boy. (Siblings.)

Happy Halloween.

Happy Halloween from Our Autism! 🎃 My girl has been counting down the days until trick or treat day! She is always so excited about Halloween! Every year it takes me by complete suprise as I have never really been fond of celebrating it so I don’t make a fuss. I am one of those…… Continue reading Happy Halloween.