Autism….a poem.

It must be Autism; When they are running around flapping, And you hear incessant foot tapping, When the behaviour looks out of place, And the look of disgust on everyones face. It must be Autism; When people never listen, When your head hurts because you’re so tired, And at 2am your child is still wired,…… Continue reading Autism….a poem.

Isn’t that amazing.

I was so reluctant to give my girl a mobile phone. Turns out it may have just been the breakthrough we needed. My girl; who cannot/will not tell us when she is in pain, replied to my message as seen in the picture below. Amazing. Isn’t technology amazing. My girl may have found her voice.

The darks days.

Some days I can’t do it. I just can’t. The shouting, the demands, the behaviours…… …the constant everything, I just can’t do it. I want to shout, scream, tell her to go to her room. I want it to stop. I want her to listen, to do as I ask. I want her to tell…… Continue reading The darks days.

Sinking the Autism Titanic?

What if those who are supposed to be close to you, aren’t? If those who were supposed to understand, don’t? Didn’t want to? Sitting on my Autism Titanic I see little boats trundle by. They wave at me, because they have to. That’s the way it works; all boats wave to each other. A big…… Continue reading Sinking the Autism Titanic?

If everything was orange….

If everything was orange, Or everything was green, You’d think the world we live in now Was the strangest thing you’d seen. Imagine it all one colour, Every single thing you see, The leaves, the grass, the houses, the sky, Even you and me. You’d want to have something different, To have shoes or lips…… Continue reading If everything was orange….

Been and gone.

Christmas Day has come and gone and I am so relieved. Relieved that it is over. I used to love Christmas, but now it fills me with dread. I worry how I can please everyone whilst keeping my girl happy. I worry how family and friends will perceive her behaviour. I worry about the gifts…… Continue reading Been and gone.

Keep it simple.

School has finished for the holidays but I don’t feel one bit Christmassy. These past few weeks have been so busy that time has just flown. My poor husband being poorly, and then my girl falling badly and dislocating her kneecap, has meant that all my attention has been focused on them. Poor Christmas has…… Continue reading Keep it simple.