Schools out for summer.

I always feel so happy about the school holidays…..well, what I mean is I always want to feel happy. I imagine them to be wonderful weeks of outings and fun. What I know is different. When they begin, reality kicks in. And all I feel is fear. There is very little to take my mind…… Continue reading Schools out for summer.

All is calm.

As these calmer days go on, I find myself questioning what we are doing differently. What are we doing right? Things are settled. Things are normal for us. Not everyones normal, but no violence, no screaming, no uncontrollable rage, no meltdowns. Things are good. Homelife is good. Our house has been full of illness for…… Continue reading All is calm.


Strength. Something you need in abundance being a carer for a child with Autism. Not just physical strength but emotional strength. Strength to change. To change yourself. To stop accepting what is. To stop doing things you do, because your child cannot cope with change. Strength to change things. To adapt your life, to move…… Continue reading Strength.

Who to follow?

Follow your heart, Isn’t that what they say? What if your heart is sending you down a path your head says you shouldn’t be taking? Parenting a child with Special Needs means this is exactly how I feel everyday. What if my heart is saying keep her home today, but my head is saying keep…… Continue reading Who to follow?

Spring fall, fall back.

Time change. What time is bed time? How do we decide? Time change. Spring fall…..fall back. The clocks go back an hour tonight. Hooray, an extra hour in bed…. ….I joke! 😉 Sleep and my girl have never really been friends. I dread the time change. Dread it. It throws my girl out for weeks.…… Continue reading Spring fall, fall back.


I take so much for granted.We all do.Simple things like we have a house to live in, heating to keep us warm.We have clothes to wear, facilities to wash them.We have air to breathe, light to see, people that love us for who we are.And yet……I feel ungrateful, trapped.We are never entirely happy with what…… Continue reading Trapped?


One of the most frightening places to end up with your child is A&E. Not only scary because your child needs emergency medical attention, but because of the huge change in routine… …visits to A&E are never planned. They are always full of people. Noisy, bright, busy. Waiting, waiting. So much waiting. A nightmare for…… Continue reading Emergency.