Thank you.

Thank you. A big thank you to all the teaching staff. We are all grateful for the work they do. Should we buy gifts to thank the teaching staff for doing their job? It is becoming increasingly popular for parents to buy gifts for the teaching staff when their child moves on. It is another…… Continue reading Thank you.


Isn’t it funny? How we work? How I work? Everyday I fight the battle of getting my girl into school. Everyday I complain about it, get cross and want to keep her home. I watch the anxiety consume her, see it slowly steal her sparkle. I countdown for holidays, wanting an easier time us both;…… Continue reading Confused.

The countdown.

6 1/2 more school days and then 42 days off! I have been counting down the days until the Summer holidays, but now I find myself in a panic! What are we going to do? The positives. That’s what I am thinking about! No school means no school runs, no late arrivals, reduced stress and…… Continue reading The countdown.


They try to make her normal, They try to make her fit in, They try to make her like everyone else, But she’s happy in her own skin. They tell her to stop flapping, They tell her sit still in the chair, They shout stop tapping the table, But she is blissfully unaware. They talk…… Continue reading ‘They’.


My girl masks her Autism at school. This means she is able to hide the fact she has Autism, usually by imitating her peers. She makes herself fit in. She masks to become ‘normal’ Masking is a common trait amongst girls with Autism, perhaps explaining the gender gap in the ratio of male:female diagnosis. The…… Continue reading Masking.

Just imagine.

Imagine being so caught up on your own thoughts that decision making becomes impossible. Imagine wanting to do something so badly but part of you won’t allow it. Imagine getting so cross with yourself because you think you can do it, you want to do it, but you can’t. You are trapped. Physically and mentally.…… Continue reading Just imagine.