Wish you were here?

I always feel so happy about the school holidays. Before they start I count down to the days of no school runs and no school refusal. Then they begin and reality kicks in. And all I feel is fear. There is very little to take my mind off these thoughts. Locked in our home where…… Continue reading Wish you were here?

Summer holidays.

Summer is here, the school holidays have arrived, 47 days off, lots of time to unwind, Relief from the stress of the morning school run, Dealing with anxiety everyday is not fun. 47 days of my children at home with each other, I am hoping and praying my girls nice to her brother, Plenty of…… Continue reading Summer holidays.

Unfeeling robot?

She’s not unfeeling. She’s not a robot. She doesn’t have a heart made of stone…. …. But, She doesn’t feel what I feel. Does she? I feel everything deep in my heart. Perhaps she just feels it differently. When I am excited I feel my heart skip a beat. When my girl is exciting she…… Continue reading Unfeeling robot?

They and New beginnings.

As we begin our final week of the school year I came across this poem I wrote and I was reminded how hard we fought, and how very lucky we are, that my girl will be starting a school tailored for her needs in September. They. They try to make her normal, They try to…… Continue reading They and New beginnings.

New school. Transition Day.

Today was my girls transition day at her new secondary school. A taster day of the years to come. I was going to write about how she coped. I was going to talk about the anxiety leading up to this day. I was going to tell you how happy, but completely exhausted, she was when…… Continue reading New school. Transition Day.

SATs are over!

So the stress, the turmoil, and the anxiety got the better of us. The SATs were not to be. Watching my child suffer over something that will never mean anything to her, was just too much. I just couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t do it…. ….so we didn’t. Couldn’t. I tried to make it…… Continue reading SATs are over!

SATs. Exams for 11yr olds.

I feel sad about the world today. Angry about the way we have to conform. Guilty for the way I am making my child feel. Annoyed that I am being controlled by education. My child is mine. Not educations. Not the governments. Nobody elses but mine….. ….yet here I am making my child fit in.…… Continue reading SATs. Exams for 11yr olds.