My girl has changed. Well that’s what it looks like. She hasn’t of course, she is just being herself after years of trying to fit in. I had never noticed how hard my girl had had to work in mainstream school. Not the academic side of it, but the social and emotional aspect of it.…… Continue reading Changed?


You’d think I would feel happy and relaxed. My girl is enjoying school and going in with no problem. She is coming home happier and meltdowns are less intense. I should feel energised, refreshed….. ….but I just feel…..urgh. 11 years of stress, sleepless nights and being on alert 24/7 has left me drained. 8 years…… Continue reading Urgh….

School, siblings, guilt.

My girl is doing amazing in her new school. She is up and ready for the (very early) taxi every morning. She chats non stop about school when she gets home. She even told me that she did really well in a test she did today…. ….honestly it is like I have a different child!…… Continue reading School, siblings, guilt.

1st day at secondary.

She did it! I remember my first day of secondary school. I remember being so scared and nervous. I remember lying awake with questions whizzing around my head and not knowing the answers. I didn’t know my way around, I didn’t know the teachers names, I didn’t know who was in my tutor group. My…… Continue reading 1st day at secondary.

The night before new school.

T’was the night before school in Our Autism house, Anxiety was affecting everyone, even my girls toy mouse, She’s in a bit of a state, but she does want to go, This new school is scary, this is all I know; The school clothes are too itchy, she doesn’t want to do her hair, She…… Continue reading The night before new school.

It’s almost time.

Am I ready for the children to go back to school? I have been asked this alot this week. I am often unsure how to answer. Yes, no… as in school uniform and shoes ready? Yes, no… as in mentally ready? I am not ashamed to say I am mentally exhausted. Absolutely physically exhausted. Sleep…… Continue reading It’s almost time.

To Teaching Assistants

With only a few days until school starts again, here is my advice for TAs of special needs children. For all of my girls school life so far she has had a TA with her. Up until this year we were very lucky and had amazing TAs, who I realise now, I took for granted.…… Continue reading To Teaching Assistants