SATs are over!

So the stress, the turmoil, and the anxiety got the better of us. The SATs were not to be. Watching my child suffer over something that will never mean anything to her, was just too much. I just couldn’t do it. She just couldn’t do it…. ….so we didn’t. Couldn’t. I tried to make it…… Continue reading SATs are over!

SATs. Exams for 11yr olds.

I feel sad about the world today. Angry about the way we have to conform. Guilty for the way I am making my child feel. Annoyed that I am being controlled by education. My child is mine. Not educations. Not the governments. Nobody elses but mine….. ….yet here I am making my child fit in.…… Continue reading SATs. Exams for 11yr olds.

School reports.

School reports. I hate them. Alot. What are they for? Who are they for? Not for me! When my child is at school I am not in charge of her anymore. If they work well, it is because you are teaching them well. Yes, ok, I am interested in the subjects they are doing, but…… Continue reading School reports.

New school!

I have spent years asking for it. Years fighting for it. Years justifying every single reason that she needed it…. ….so why, when she finally gets it, do I feel a little sad? I know the answer. The result is bittersweet. The result is confirmation. Confirmation of what I already knew. Confirmation of the diagnosis…… Continue reading New school!


A broken cup……or me? Sitting still, Chaos around me, I’ve gone cold, Inside’s empty, The shouts get louder, I know how it goes, The afterschool meltdown, The whole street knows. Standing still, In view; exposed, I am drained, The door is closed, Meltdown continues, I want to flee, I’m stuck here watching, Please don’t touch…… Continue reading Broken.

Christmas joy.

Not many things render me speechless, but this little picture did. I just love how my girl has captured the magic of Christmas, and how our little Domino is featured. Our little puppy has captured her heart in ways I had never thought possible. I have felt miserable this week. We saw our Paediatrician this…… Continue reading Christmas joy.

School, an emotional journey.

Stressed. Won’t get dressed. Restless. Won’t eat breakfast. Fearful. Shouting and tearful. Scared. Won’t let me brush her hair. Panics. Hits and kicks. Confused. Tooth brushing refused. Angry. Complaining of being hungry. Bored. Instructions ignored. Withdrawn. Agrees to put clothes on. Grumpy. Uniform feels lumpy. Frustration. Says no to medication. Rude. Shouts for food. Angry.…… Continue reading School, an emotional journey.