“Better than you expected?” A question that I got asked today. A question I quickly answered before I realised what it meant. This week at school is very different for my girl. For the last 3 days of the week the school have all moved into their, what will be, new classrooms in September. Huge,…… Continue reading Expectations.

It could have worked?

So first day back at school today after half term and a weeks holiday. It was supposed to be an easy morning…….because that is what school had planned. It was a good idea, but one I knew was destined to fail. ‘Go with it’ I thought, ‘it may work. It might be the incentive she…… Continue reading It could have worked?

The pain of school.

Hooray for half term!! 1 whole week of no school! 1 whole week of no school refusals! My 10 year old girl refuses school every single day. She is late for school every single day. I try and try, so hard, to get her in, but it is so, so hard. What do you imagine…… Continue reading The pain of school.

My broken heart.

I cannot bear it. I am heartless. I am mean, every morning she hates me. I know I am heartless; because every single morning my heart breaks a bit more. Surely there can’t be any left. Its just an empty shell pulsing blood around my body. The pain of seeing her so hurt. The despair…… Continue reading My broken heart.


“People with Autism have no imagination.” MYTH. How amazing is this piece of art? Created entirely on her own with scraps from her playroom this evening. My girl may hate school, but I think she may enjoy some of the subjects. Love this. ❤

Back to school tomorrow.

Back to school tomorrow, and gosh, don’t I know it. I don’t think people fully understand the difficulties people with Autism face surrounding change. Unless you have been there to experience it yourself, it is incredibly diificult to describe. Imagine this: Every single day the person you trust the most, forces you to go the…… Continue reading Back to school tomorrow.


To whom it may concern, The fight. Will it ever end? Why do we have to fight for everything? Why does it take so long? It is draining, frustrating, relentless. But we don’t stop fighting. We can’t. We won’t. Special needs parenting is a whole different lifestyle. We haven’t chosen this lifestyle. We didn’t ask…… Continue reading Fight!