Inclusion, disabilty, Autism and beaches.

Dear Par Beach, There are lots of little joys in life that we take for granted. Things we do each day without even thinking about it. Things that some people are physically unable to do. Take going to the beach for example; Walking barefoot over warm, silky sand. Following the tide as it ebbs and…… Continue reading Inclusion, disabilty, Autism and beaches.

Autism and the heatwave.

Many people with Autism have difficulties processing sensory information. They have difficulties processing the information correctly. The information gets lost, or diverted the wrong way, causing problems with sensitivity. It can change, and fluctuate, between being over sensitive, under sensitive, or both at the same time. When a person struggles to process sensory information, they…… Continue reading Autism and the heatwave.

Autism and ECG monitoring.

Imagine having Autism and Sensory Processing Disorder. Imagine hating having anything touching your skin. Imagine hating being touched. Imagine not being able to sleep because it feels different. Imagine not really understanding the rationale behind the procedure. ….Imagine having to wear a 24 hour ecg monitor. Wish me luck!!! Wish my girl luck! My poor…… Continue reading Autism and ECG monitoring.

The reality?

What is the reality of life with Autism? What would I write if someone asked me that? Some days I just wouldn’t know how to put it into words. The reality is hard to write about. Hard because truth hurts. The truth is, that it is hard. Hard to look after your own child? Harder…… Continue reading The reality?

Autism Awareness Week. The Dark Side

My girl has a side of Autism that no one likes to talk about. Not even me. A dark side. Many blogs focus on the positives of Autism. The feel good factors. The milestones reached that they weren’t expecting, the achievements. The things to be proud of. But what about the dark side? It exists…… Continue reading Autism Awareness Week. The Dark Side

Autism Awareness Week. Walk on….

Mummy thought to herself “Oh no, not again” When getting funny looks from ladies and men, She just stood and stared back, armed with a smile, It’s interesting to stop and look back for a while. To look at their faces, see them struggling to see, How hard this is for my girl and for…… Continue reading Autism Awareness Week. Walk on….

Pre birthday blues.

I wish I could tell her…. That her birthday is nothing to fear, That in the morning it will be here, And the worry she feels will fade away. I wish I could tell her…. As I hear her shout, tears leaking out, That anxiety is not what birthdays are about, And the day’s no…… Continue reading Pre birthday blues.