Middleness. Is this a thing? Is this why we have to fight for absolutely everything? Because she doesn’t have severe Autism, because she masks in school, because she conforms to school rules, because she is performing at average levels with her peers, this makes her ok? Is middleness nothing? Does her Autism mean nothing? Is…… Continue reading Middleness?


I am not asking people to write me an essay on Autism. I am not asking that they spend their evenings researching the condition. I don’t expect them to understand something I will never fully understand myself. I am just asking one thing…. ….please listen to me. I know my child more than anyone else…… Continue reading Listen.

‘The Group’.

Love is a place, a place that I know, A place we belong, not just where we go, A place we feel wanted, a place we fit in, A place we feel happy, where friendships begin. A place that can turn sad faces to smiles, A place where every second is worthwhile, A place where…… Continue reading ‘The Group’.

The truth about being an Autism Mum.

Sometimes I just need to rant…..sorry. So lets talk about being an Autism Mum. The truth. I read a facebook status about Mums on benefits….you know the ones…. So here it is. I am a stay at home mum. On benefits. I also am a qualified paediatric nurse. I went to college for 3 years…… Continue reading The truth about being an Autism Mum.

We are all on the spectrum..

Everyone is a little Autistic, everyone is somewhere on the spectrum…. I hate this. I hear it so much. …..so much. People normally say it once I tell them that my child has Autism. It makes me cross, it makes me feel like they are not understanding my child has an additional need. Like Autism…… Continue reading We are all on the spectrum..

Disabled parking.

Misuse of disabled parking spaces, something we encounter daily. It is one of the most frustrating things we have to cope with. We park there not because we are lazy, not because it is easier to park in a bigger space, not because it is closer to the cashpoint……because we actually need it! And also…… Continue reading Disabled parking.

It’s OK to not be OK.

Autism. The bad days. These happen. You feel like a failure. You feel like you want to crawl away and hide. Like everything is too much. You want to put the Autism into a box and put it away. The days you feel you can’t cope. The days you cry through sheer frustration. Through anger,…… Continue reading It’s OK to not be OK.