Thank you The Paulos Circus.

Today we did something, as a family, that we never thought we’d be able to do! We went to the circus! The circus? I know, you must think I am crazy! The crowds, the dark, the bright lights, the flashes, the loud noises…. It is a place that people with sensory processing difficulties fear. We…… Continue reading Thank you The Paulos Circus.

Attack of the senses.

The senses. Our senses. Something I take for granted, I expect them to work. What if they don’t? What if they are too sensitive? What if they are not sensitive enough? What if the senses were so muddled that they couldn’t do their job properly? Imagine how hard it would be too process all those…… Continue reading Attack of the senses.


I feel like a prisoner. Being held hostage by Autism; by anxiety. Enclosed in a house with no way out, locked windows and doors. Curtains drawn to avoid the bright sunlight and the shadows of the unknown. Dressed in a uniform dictated by my captor; by sensory processing problems. Clothes that are soft and loose.…… Continue reading Prisoner.

Parent relationships.

Being parents is hard. Being parents of a child with additional needs is hard. To be in a relationship whilst being a carer takes a lot of patience… …patience that not all relationships have. Parenting a child with additional needs takes an awful lot of your time. As a result you don’t get to spend…… Continue reading Parent relationships.


They try to make her normal, They try to make her fit in, They try to make her like everyone else, But she’s happy in her own skin. They tell her to stop flapping, They tell her sit still in the chair, They shout stop tapping the table, But she is blissfully unaware. They talk…… Continue reading ‘They’.

You can say no.

Have the confidence to say No. I have learnt this over the years….. …..not that you are ever allowed to say no. If you say No you become an obstinate parent, even if you know it won’t work for your child. Professionals are intimidating. The people ‘in charge’ of your child and their care, want…… Continue reading You can say no.