The sunshine.5

Sunshine brings summer days out, Sunshine means crowded, busy places. Sunshine brings long, light days, Sunshine means confusion at bedtimes. Sunshine brings warmth to our skin, Sunshine means touch and sticky suncream. Sunshine brings bright lights, Sunshine means a sensory meltdown. Sunshine brings children out to play, Sunshine means too much noise. Sunshine brings long…… Continue reading The sunshine.5

Inclusion, disabilty, Autism and beaches.

Dear Par Beach, There are lots of little joys in life that we take for granted. Things we do each day without even thinking about it. Things that some people are physically unable to do. Take going to the beach for example; Walking barefoot over warm, silky sand. Following the tide as it ebbs and…… Continue reading Inclusion, disabilty, Autism and beaches.

I can hear you!

I have two eyes that can’t see when your pointing at me, I have these ears that can’t hear what you say, I have a voice that you choose not to hear, I CAN see you AND hear you; go away. You think I can’t see your disapproving looks, Or when you’re looking at my…… Continue reading I can hear you!

Half term woes.

So this is how it goes: School holidays + social media = hundreds of pictures of families days out. Social media + Our Autism Mum = guilt for staying in. Guilt + more guilt = day out. Day out + Autism = failure. Repeat. Again and again. Every school holiday. When will I learn? I…… Continue reading Half term woes.

World Down Syndrome Day.

Along our special needs journey we have met lots of new friends. Lots of amazing children all growing up with different diagnoses. All following different paths. We have learnt a great deal about so many challenges faced by children and carers. We have learnt that awareness is needed, not only for Autism, but for the…… Continue reading World Down Syndrome Day.

Autism….a piece of cake!

Autism is like cake…… ……you can’t just have one piece. You take a look at it and get intrigued. So you take a bite. That bite is interesting…..different to anything you have ever tasted before. You want to try more. Your next bite is not as good as you remembered. So you take another just…… Continue reading Autism….a piece of cake!

Autism. It is all my fault.

Autism… … is all my fault. My baby wasn’t planned. I thought I couldn’t get pregnant. I was Anorexic and Bulimic. I wouldn’t eat for days and then I would binge and vomit. … is all my fault. I didn’t eat properly when I was pregnant. I worked 12.5 hour shifts where I was on…… Continue reading Autism. It is all my fault.