Our Autism Dad. Our superhero.

Dads of Autism. Autism Dads. The unsung heros. The hidden saviours.    Autism mums have it easier to some degree. There is more support out there for them, and lets face it, men are less likely to ask for it anyway. Men are less likely to admit their feelings, therefore less likely to admit they need…… Continue reading Our Autism Dad. Our superhero.


There are days I stand back and look back over the last 12 years and realise how much things have changed. Days where I reflect and look back on the people who walked out of my life when I needed them the most. There are days when I miss them, then there are days where…… Continue reading Reflecting..


Coping. Am I? Is anyone? Why is not coping seen as a weakness? At the moment I don’t feel like I am coping, but I am. The dictionary defines coping as “to face and deal with responsibilities” and “to deal successfully with a difficult situation”. Which I do…..because I have to. It is part of…… Continue reading Coping?

Parent Carer? (Carers Week).

Am I a stay at home mum or a parent carer? ….or both? Where does it differ? Where does one move to the other? It is complicated and hard to understand. I am a stay at home Mum. I am a parent Carer It is Carers Week here in the UK. A week dedicated to…… Continue reading Parent Carer? (Carers Week).

‘The Group’.

Love is a place, a place that I know, A place we belong, not just where we go, A place we feel wanted, a place we fit in, A place we feel happy, where friendships begin. A place that can turn sad faces to smiles, A place where every second is worthwhile, A place where…… Continue reading ‘The Group’.


Support. A few friends I know have undiagnosed, newly diagnosed and diagnosed children but do not have anyone to talk to. How can I help them? I want to be of some support, to be able to help them, to be of some use. Support is hard to come by. You think you can talk…… Continue reading Support.

Respite…..should I say?

Perhaps it is wrong to admit it. Perhaps I shouldn’t even say it. The guilt eats me up inside every time I send her. …but we need it. Right? Ok. Here goes. Deep breath….. I had a lovely weekend whilst my girl was at respite. There. Done. Said. Why do I feel so bad even…… Continue reading Respite…..should I say?