World Down Syndrome Day.

Along our special needs journey we have met lots of new friends. Lots of amazing children all growing up with different diagnoses. All following different paths. We have learnt a great deal about so many challenges faced by children and carers. We have learnt that awareness is needed, not only for Autism, but for the…… Continue reading World Down Syndrome Day.

Sinking the Autism Titanic?

What if those who are supposed to be close to you, aren’t? If those who were supposed to understand, don’t? Didn’t want to? Sitting on my Autism Titanic I see little boats trundle by. They wave at me, because they have to. That’s the way it works; all boats wave to each other. A big…… Continue reading Sinking the Autism Titanic?

Nighttime and s**t.

Sometimes it is just shit.Everything is shit.Everything.Shit because I can’t be the Mum I wanted to be.Shit because I can’t treat my children equally.Shit because we have to do everything my girl says.Shit because my boy misses out on so much.Shit because my girl is boss.Shit because she is so awful to my boy.Shit because…… Continue reading Nighttime and s**t.

Autism….a piece of cake!

Autism is like cake…… ……you can’t just have one piece. You take a look at it and get intrigued. So you take a bite. That bite is interesting…..different to anything you have ever tasted before. You want to try more. Your next bite is not as good as you remembered. So you take another just…… Continue reading Autism….a piece of cake!

If everything was orange….

If everything was orange, Or everything was green, You’d think the world we live in now Was the strangest thing you’d seen. Imagine it all one colour, Every single thing you see, The leaves, the grass, the houses, the sky, Even you and me. You’d want to have something different, To have shoes or lips…… Continue reading If everything was orange….

Support Groups, a poem.

Support Groups. When what’s holding you together is paper and string, When you’re stretched to the limit, your patience worn thin, When you’re asking and asking for things to be done, When your crying out for help and still getting none, When you’ve had a bad day and have nowhere to turn, When behaviours are…… Continue reading Support Groups, a poem.

Our Autism groundhog day.

Do you ever feel like you are being left behind? Friends move on, family members have their own families, people get jobs, have babies….. Me? I just stay me. Unemployed. With very few friends. Isolated and lonely. Standing still in a world that is moving too quickly around me. I am a carer. A stay…… Continue reading Our Autism groundhog day.