There’s always good.

Some days it pays, To raise your head to the sky, Fill your lungs with fresh air, Watch the branches up high, Clear your mind of the stress, Watch your worries float away, Be thankful and happy, You’ve got through the day. Not everyday is a good day, But there is something good in everyday.…… Continue reading There’s always good.

What happens then?

I am reaching the end of my tether. Fed up of fighting and chasing. Angry that I have to watch my child suffer because of a system which isn’t working. Annoyed that I have to keep complaining. But….. …..I can do, and feel, all those things. Today it hit me. When my girl is over…… Continue reading What happens then?

Our little puppy.

The love they share, and the bond they have, melts my heart. My girl is capable of loving and she does need a loving touch. This little puppy always knows the right time to give her what she needs. Getting a dog was one of the best things we have ever done.

Our puppy, a year on.

A year ago today our lives changed. A year ago today our little puppy came home. I knew things would be different with a dog around the house. I knew life would be more busy. I knew training a puppy whilst watching my girl 24 hours a day may well have been impossible… ….but we…… Continue reading Our puppy, a year on.

Our little dog.

Our little puppy has changed our lives. I had heard stories about how dogs can help children with Autism. I was tempted but never brave enough to have one. My girl has that type of Autism that no one likes to talk about. The violent type. I didn’t want to get a puppy and then…… Continue reading Our little dog.

Day of happiness.

Today is International day of happiness. But how do we define happiness in Autism? Lets start by saying my girl has not succeeded in being entirely happy today! She has been very grumpy and anxious….. ……(school!!) So….happiness. A word we associate with smiles, laughing and feeling loved. People on the Autistic Spectrum have trouble labelling,…… Continue reading Day of happiness.

Autism, siblings, and a little pup.

Having a child with Autism can be hard. Hard to get people to understand. Hard to get people to accept. Having a child with Autism and a neurotypical “normal” child can make things harder. Harder to get people to understand. Harder to get people to accept. Harder because the effects on the sibling are enormous.…… Continue reading Autism, siblings, and a little pup.