Looking for a job!

Looking for a job! Must be within school hours. Must allow for lateness due to childs unpredictibility in mornings. Cannot work evenings or school holidays. Must allow frequents days off for childs hospital appointments. Must allow use of mobile phone to keep in touch with school. Must allow personal use of phone/email to organise, plan…… Continue reading Looking for a job!

Woe be me.

Today has been hard. Really hard. The change in routine due to no school and our upcoming holiday has introduced some very challenging behaviours. It’s a viscous cycle for me. ….for me. The selfish one. The one who feels the need to talk about how Autism is hard for me….. I live in a loop.…… Continue reading Woe be me.

Awake again.

Awake. Again. Clock ticking. Girl screaming. Eyes closing. Head hurting. House awake. With the noise she makes. Floorboards creaking. No one sleeping. Our Autism awake. Tea break. Sleep deprivation. No motivation. Need my bed. Resit my head. Awake all night. Sun brings light. Feeling drained. Tonight we’ll do it again.